Madeleine McCann suspect 'is struggling with the pressure'

Madeleine McCann suspect Christian Brueckner ‘is struggling with the pressure of being accused of one of the world’s most infamous crimes’

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The chief suspect in Madeleine McCann’s 2007 disappearance is finding it difficult being accused of kidnapping the youngster, according to report.

Christian Brueckner, a 46-year-old convicted paedophile and rapist, has told friends he ‘struggles with the pressure’ of being accused of ‘one of the world’s most infamous crimes’, which remains unsolved to this day.

It has also been reported that he finds it ‘unfair’ that investigators have not yet shared any of their evidence against him with his legal team.

‘Christian B has regularly told pals he speaks to from prison how tough it is being the Madeleine suspect,’ a source said, according to The Sun.

‘It’s clear he is struggling with the pressure of being so firmly in the spotlight of the world – even if he is behind bars,’ the source said.

Christian Brueckner is the main suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann disappeared from a resort in Portugal at the age of three on 3 May 2007

Speaking to The Sun, the source said Brueckner ‘hates being suspected of one of the most famous crimes in the world. And his lawyers hate that he is constantly the subject of headlines.’

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‘He is behind bars for crimes he has already been convicted of committing. But I think he forgets there is a family out there who has lost their little girl,’ they said.

The British publication also reported that his lawyers get angry whenever anyone asks their client how he is doing, snapping: ‘How is he supposed to be doing?’

According to the report, Brueckner – who has only been named Christian B. in Germany – maintains his innocence privately to his lawyers.

Conversations between the convict and his lawyer Friedrich Fülscher are protected under German law, as they would be in the UK.

But it is understood that Fülscher would not defend his client in court if Brueckner had made a cast-iron confession to him over his alleged crimes.

It was confirmed late last month that the 46-year-old will finally go on trial on February 16 next year.

A German prosecutor has confirmed it will be a Friday morning start for the multiple sex crimes trial of the German paedophile.

Expected to last for ‘up to three months’, it will be presided over by a ‘panel of four to five judges’, it can be revealed.

Brueckner’s lawyers are said to have been given hope by recent claims that German investigators failed to find physical evidence tying him to McCann during an operation in Portugal earlier this year, in which they searched an area near a lake.

Last month it was reported that he might have taken photos of the missing toddler and buried them in an underground hideaway at a reservoir in the Algarve.

The convicted paedophile is alleged to have taken ‘trophies’ from his victims in the past.

An unnamed source told The Sun: ‘[Authorities investigating] now know Christian B buried data carriers like hard drives and USB sticks at any of the places where he’s stayed so that was their real hope at the lake.’

‘They really thought they might find pictures there, but they are not giving up hope. They believe he made duplicates because he loved to keep them like trophies.’

Authorities gather at a makeshift base camp in the Arade dam area, Faro district, during the search operation in Silves, Portugal, 25 May 2023

The operation, which began on 23 May, stemmed from a European Investigation Order addressed by the German authorities to Portugal and focused on the Arade dam

But the case has hit several damning obstacles as it slowly moves along through the German courts.

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Prosecutors investigating Brueckner announced in late November that they could have hit a major stumbling block as the main witness faces a possible perjury charge.

German investigators have built their case around Helge Busching, whose evidence helped jail Bruckner for rape in 2019 – but questions have since arisen around his testimony in the trial.

Busching claimed he and another man called Manfred Seyferth had found a video camera in Brueckner’s house showing him raping and sexually assaulting two women and this was used to jail him for seven years.

Busching also told investigators the year after Madeleine disappeared that he had a conversation with Brueckner in which he said it was ‘odd that she didn’t scream’ when they discussed her disappearance.

Now though, Busching is being probed for false testimony as Brueckner’s lawyer has poked holes in Busching’s accounts over the video camera, which has never been found.

According to Fulscher, testimony that the camera was found and hidden in a house is different to a past statement that says they hid them in a camper van – which he says makes him an unreliable witness.

Christian Brueckner was officially named as a suspect in April 2022 after his yellow and white VW T3 Westfalia campervan was reportedly spotted near the Praia da Luz resort in Portugal where Maddie vanished.

Christian Brueckner, a suspect in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, is photograpphed here in Milan in 2018, where he is currently imprisoned for rape

In April 2019 a controversial new Netflix documentary re-examining Maddie’s kidnap was released, triggering a barrage of online abuse against Kate and Gerry by heartless trolls

Brueckner has denied he was in the area at the time and distanced himself from the allegations against him.

But German prosecutors say phone logs show he received a call on May 3 2007 near the Ocean Club.

Brueckner maintains that he was miles away with a young woman.

He remains the sole significant suspect in the case since 2007.

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