Magaluf ecstasy warning as girl, 19, dies after taking yellow pill ‘laced with rat poison’ – The Sun

BRITISH tourists have been warned about a batch of rogue ecstasy pills being sold on the holiday island of Majorca after the death of a teenage girl.

Tragic Milagros Alanis Moyano’s family have claimed the pills were laced with rat poison and she died after taking them on the island, which is home to the party resort of Magaluf.

The 19-year-old Argentinian died in a Barcelona hospital on Wednesday after falling ill at a music festival in Palma where she took the party drug last Sunday.

The teenager – who used her middle name as her first name – emigrated to Majorca seven months ago with her twin sister Lourdes.

Her heartbroken dad Paulo posted a picture of one of the yellow tablets, with a skull face on it on social media.

In an emotional message when she was agonising in hospital he said: “I would love to know who sold my little girl this poison so I could put a bullet in his head."

“She sent us a video of her dancing on Instagram before she was rushed to hospital and that is the last footage I have of her alive.

“She left for the concert looking beautiful, she showed us pictures on WhatsApp and we told her to enjoy herself but to stay safe.

“Sons of b*****s took her from me and killed her like a do. It’s really hard to say this but when I was with her I had to look at one of one her tattoos to recognise her because she didn’t look like the same girl. My beautiful Alanis, just 19.”

I would love to know who sold my little girl this poison so I could put a bullet in his head

He added in a new post on Sunday in which he said: “Those who took my daughter’s life will never sleep again.

“It will be their destiny that I discover they died like rats. I will see them fall. Bye my love. I love you.”

Alanis, originally from the Atlantic coast city of Mar de Plata, was rushed to hospital after attending a music event in Son Fusteret where Italian DJ Marco Carola performed.

A member of an Ibiza-run expat residents group, echoing Paulo’s warnings about the rogue ecstasy, added: “Some pills are doing the rounds in Palma that have rat’s poison in them.

“A girl aged 19 has died from taking one after agonising for two days.

"It was a small, yellow pill with a skull on the front. People need to be aware they cannot consume any old s**t.

“Enjoy yourself safely. Rest in peace little one. And strength and love for you parents.

"A friend who was at the concert sent me a picture of the pill as she was present when it happened. Luckily she didn’t take one.”

Keen hockey player Alanis had been working as a lifeguard at a swimming pool in the holiday resort of S’Arenal.


Her brother Lautaro told Majorcan daily Ultima Hora: “It was madness what she did and she wasn’t an habitual drug user.

"What happened was that she had begun to make friends who were taking her down the wrong path.

“My sister loved hockey and was a good swimmer. We don’t think she bought the ecstasy pill inside the concert. It was pill with a skull on it.”

On Thursday a three-year-old Russian girl on holiday with her parents was left fighting for life after swallowing an ecstasy pill she picked up from the floor in a children’s park in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza.

She was airlifted to a children’s intensive care unit at a hospital in Majorca.

Hospital bosses said yesterday her condition had improved and she had been moved out of intensive care.

Her mum was with her daughter and two other children when the near-tragedy occurred.

The pill is thought to have been dropped by accident by a drug dealer or user.

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