Moment Speedo-wearing tourist is kicked in the groin by wild horse after ignoring signs not to pet animals

A TRIP to the beach went wrong for this animal lover after he ended up getting kicked in the groin by a wild horse.

The speedo-clad man ignored warnings signs not to pet the animals on Assateague Island, off the coast of Maryland, USA, and payed a very painful price.

Wild horses have been roaming the island since the 1600s, and clearly don't like being approached.

But this tourist took the risk of trying to stroke one of the animals only to receive an emphatic hoof in his groin.

The unnamed man dropped to the ground before other beach-goers rushed to help him.

Footage of the eye-watering incident shows the man approach the brown stallion, but it immediately raises its back leg and strikes out at the man.

He is not the first person to fall victim to the unfriendly horses on the island.

Last year a beach lifeguard was injured after being kicked twice by one of them.

Locals believe the horses arrived over 300 years ago after surviving a shipwreck of the Virginia coast.

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