Moment Spirit Airlines attendant pranks passengers with fake proposal

‘We have an awesome announcement’: Moment Spirit Airlines attendant pranks passengers with fake marriage proposal during flight to Miami

  • A flight attendant surprised passengers on a plane to Miami with a fake proposal
  • The Spirit Airlines employee got down on one knee in front of his co-worker 
  • He then got up to reveal a promotional offer instead, to passengers’ laughter 

A prankster Spirit Airlines flight attendant surprised passengers with a ‘marriage proposal’ on a plane traveling from New York City to Miami.

In a short clip, the male attendant gets down on one knee as if to ask his co-worker to marry him before getting back up and instead ‘proposing’ a promotional deal for passengers.

The video, taken by passenger Regev Gur on December 2, shows two flight attendants at the front of the cabin.

Speaking over the PA, the man said: ‘We have an awesome announcement we would love to share with you guys.’ 

He then knelt down, and continued: ‘This doesn’t usually happen on an aircraft, but this man is about to propose. That’s right, this man is about to propose.’

As the passengers exclaimed, the man then stood up and pulled out what appeared to be voucher as he added: ‘Propose a great offer on Spirit Airlines!’

The passengers applauded and laughed.

The male flight attendant gets down on one knee as if to propose to his co-worker as he makes an announcement on the plane to Miami

‘This is the best flight attendant I’ve ever had,’ said Gur on Twitter.

The cabin-crew pranks didn’t stop there.

Gur shared on social media that the same man joked around with more people on the flight when he pulled out a prop mustard bottle from the overhead compartment and pretended to nearly spill it over a passenger.

The prank proposal turns out to be the flight attendant’s creative announcement of a promotional offer instead 

As the passengers exclaim, the man pulls out what appeared to be voucher and ‘proposes’ a ‘great offer’

The video, taken by Regev Gur, who said he filmed it on December 2, shows the flight attendants at the front of the cabin

In March last year another flight attendant was caught on camera entertaining passengers by joking that they would be sprayed with Lysol if they coughed or sneezed.

In cellphone footage shared by Instagram user Zion Setal via Barstool Sports, the attendant addressed passengers aboard a departing flight from Florida to Connecticut.

While holding a can of Lysol Disinfectant Spray, the man jokingly cautioned them against spreading germs.

‘I’m telling you right now,’ the man said over the speakers,’ if I see you cough [or] sneeze I’m going to spray your ass.’

‘I’m not messing around,’ he added.

He was met with laughter and chuckles from the passengers.

Setal told that the flight attendant used humor to comfort passengers who were nervous about flying during the coronavirus outbreak.

He said: ‘[The flight attendant] was making jokes the whole time and made everyone feel more comfortable about flying with this virus going around.’

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