Nashville bomber Anthony Quinn Warner’s motive likely more about destruction: investigator

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Nashville RV bomber Anthony Quinn Warner likely chose Christmas morning for his devastating suicide blast because his “intent was more destruction than death,” a lead investigator said Monday.

The 63-year-old loner notably blew up a number of buildings when the usually packed streets in the city’s historic downtown were mostly deserted, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director David Rausch said on NBC’s “Today” show.

He also gave “the opportunity to clear the area” with warnings from his parked RV “that an explosion was imminent,” Rausch said, of the audio that also bizarrely played Petula Clark’s classic pop song “Downtown.”

The evidence “certainly gives you that insight that the possibility was that he had no intention of harming anyone but himself,” the senior investigator said.

“It does appear that the intent was more destruction than death,” he said.

The massive investigation — involving federal, state and local authorities — is hampered by the fact that the IT consultant appears to have no social media presence nor left any suggestion of political ideology, the investigator confirmed.

“We don’t know for sure that we’ll ever get there to the complete answer because obviously that individual is no longer with us” to be questioned, Rausch said.

“We may never find out the exact reasoning behind the activity that took place,” he added.

The bureau director also revealed that his team was able to confirm Warner was killed in the blast through remains with DNA from a hat and gloves from one of the attacker’s old cars.

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