Polish priest offers drive-thru confessions amid coronavirus lockdown

A Polish priest has become a real holy roller — by offering drive-thru confession in his church parking lot during the coronavirus lockdown.

Sitting on a small chair and wearing a face mask, Father Mateusz Kielarski waits for his faithful to drive up outside his large Warsaw church and confess their sins through their open car windows.

“From the safety of their car, they can take care of their soul while protecting their bodies from germs in this special time,” Kielarski said, making sure he maintains a safe distance each time.

While confessionals are usually held from behind a curtain, Kielarski insists his unusual get-up at the Temple of Divine Providence works well enough — while also ensuring social distancing.

“It can be experienced just as discreetly, there is enough distance,” he said.

In the lead up to Easter, worshippers are just relieved to have the important ritual available in the nation where no more than two people can gather at the same time, and five people can attend mass.

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