Powerful African wildcat that can run 55mph seized from Brit family’s home – The Sun

A POWERFUL African wildcat has been seized from a family home.

Zena the serval can leap 12ft and run at 55mph.

But owner James Brown, 35, said she happily played with daughter Ella, six, and even shared a bath with her.

He said: “She’s entirely tame, a big soft pussycat. She has never bitten or clawed anyone.

“The police took her away like she was some kind of monster but she’s so affectionate. It’s so unfair.”

Neighbours in Roehampton, South West London, called cops after seeing Zena, 5ft on her hind legs, looking out a window. There were fears she may harm Ella or the family’s French bulldog Rambo and Chihuahua Gizmo.

Mr Brown said: “I’ve had Zena since she was a kitten.

“She was in great condition, fed on raw chicken, salmon, prawns and raw eggs.

She’s no more trouble than an ordinary cat and I’ve no idea who would want to report us and get her taken away

“She was well exercised and there was never any danger of her escaping because she was always on a harness. We all loved her but now I fear we’ll never see her again.”

Servals, a close relative of the cheetah, prey on rats and rabbits in the wilds of Africa.

They can be kept legally in the UK provided owners get an £800-a-year licence.

Mr Brown said Wandsworth council officials stepped in before his paperwork was processed. The beauty salon boss and salon manager wife Emila, 27, rent their detached home. He added: “I wanted Zena to have more room and told my landlord I had a pet cat — which is the truth.

“She’s no more trouble than an ordinary cat and I’ve no idea who would want to report us and get her taken away.”

A neighbour said: “I went past on a skateboard and nearly fell off when I saw this big animal peering out.

“But it was never any trouble to us and I’ve no idea who reported them.”

The Met Police posted on Facebook: “This wildcat princess was taken to a secure holding centre before starting her new life in a specialist wildlife facility in the UK.”

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