Pro-Communist Jeremy Corbyn as PM would be a hammer blow to Britain’s national security — he must not slip into No10 – The Sun

THE world this weekend registered two landmark events that changed our lives for the better – but sadly not for ever.

Yesterday, Remembrance Sunday honoured the dead who enabled the victory of good over evil in two world wars, while Saturday recalled the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, freeing half of Europe from Soviet imprisonment.

The two are closely linked. Both involve the rise and fall of totalitarianism. Neither will be warmly celebrated by the hard-left Momentum Labour Party Jeremy Corbyn dreams of leading to power.

This lifelong pro-Communist “pacifist” and his Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell are better known for cheering Britain’s enemies than its allies.

A Labour candidate spoke for both men in her Facebook attack on the Poppy Appeal for soldiers wounded and killed defending this country.

Mhairi Threlfall, fighting a Tory-held seat in Gloucestershire, described the poppy in 2014 as a token for “legalised mass murder” and the “blatant glorification of war”.

“I shouldn’t have posted this,” she said in yesterday’s Sun on Sunday. On the contrary, Mhairi, you did us all a favour.

On the day millions stood in silence to honour the dead, you reminded voters no government led by Jeremy Corbyn will fulfil its first duty — to defend the nation.

On the day Army chief General Nick Carter warned of the threat from aggressive Kremlin boss Vladimir Putin, you reminded us of Corbyn’s silence over Russian murder on the streets of Britain.

Scourge of terror and starvation

Russia is flexing its muscles in Ukraine, occupying Crimea and testing Western resolve over the survival of three ex-Soviet Baltic states clinging to the European Union for protection.

Its regular forays into our sea and air space risk tipping the West into an accidental World War Three. Whose side would Jeremy be on then? Not ours for sure.

General Carter hailed the Nato military alliance which has kept the peace in Europe for 70 years — and warned it could only survive if member states pay their share of its costs.

“If you don’t prepare for the war you might have to fight, there is a risk you will lose the war you are trying to avoid,” he said yesterday.

Would Prime Minister Corbyn cough up billions for Nato to protect the UK against his mates in Moscow? Not likely.

Nor, it seems, would he use nuclear weapons to defend Britain. Labour defence mouthpiece Nia Griffith backed Trident but refused to say Mr Corbyn would push the button.

In 35 years as an MP, Corbyn has voted against every military action proposed by a UK government. Worryingly, younger voters might approve of this.

Alarmed by Corbyn victory

Leftie history teachers tend to play down Communist atrocities, while focusing on the menace of fascism.

A Survation poll found the overwhelming majority knew about Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, yet barely a quarter had heard of Soviet dictator Josef Stalin, who presided over twice as many deaths.

Astonishingly, 70 per cent of first- or second-time voters knew nothing of Communist China’s Mao Zedong, whose scourge of terror and starvation cost 45million lives — twice as many again.

Corbyn may not be very bright, but even he must know these hideous statistics.

Yet you will never hear a word of criticism from him about Russia, a real and present military threat to Western Europe, or China, which is steadily buying up the world.

No wonder the Jewish community is alarmed by the prospect of an anti-Semitic Corbyn victory. No wonder traditional Labour voters are following rebel MP Ian Austin’s advice not just to vote AGAINST Corbyn but to vote FOR Boris Johnson.

No wonder ex-Labour Home Secretary David Blunkett has denounced the Corbyn machine’s “thuggery”. So, how can any self-respecting Labour MP campaign to put Corbyn in No10?

Where does this leave Stephen Kinnock, or Keir Starmer, or finger-wagging Yvette Cooper, who in 2016 led the battle to oust Corbyn as leader — only to rally to his side once defeated?

How dare they risk helping him slip into Downing Street by a side door?

Why don’t they do the right thing by the British people — and give Labour one last chance to break free from the pernicious gang of militant Momentum extremists who invaded their party?


CORBYN stooges are furious over claims of a £1.2TRILLION Labour spending spree.

They insist it just means shifting privately owned assets such as the railways and water works on to the public books.

Nobody will notice the difference.

But we will notice as our savings and pensions evaporate in a flash.

The super-rich who pay most tax will be on the first jet out, with their cash switched offshore at the stroke of a computer key.

Forget about that spending spree. Forget about everything. We will be on our knees begging for aid.

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