Restaurant gave girl salad covered in blood instead of dressing

A teenage girl says she was traumatized after a bakery chain served her two salads covered with blood instead of dressing.

Sarah Wehse had already started eating the Fuji apple and chicken salad when her sister Rachel pointed out that the red substance on its leaves didn’t look much like dressing.

Wehse, who was eating at Panera Bread in Waukesha, Wisconsin, on May 24 said: ‘My sister told me, “Oh my God, I think that’s blood,”

‘I turned the bowl around and there’s already blood pooling on the plate, it’s on the side of the bowl.

‘I don’t know how the server didn’t see it when she was giving it to us.’

The Wehse sisters pointed out their grim discovery to a server, only to be told that the blood was dressing.

They asked for a replacement, with that salad arriving doused in blood as well, WISN reported.

Rachel said: ‘I took it up (to the counter), I had the lettuce in my hand and was like, “It’s on here again, this has to be blood, it cannot be dressing, how does that happen twice?”

‘Again, they tried convincing me it was dressing, not to worry about it, but then the manager came up and gave us a refund.’

That manager had discovered that one food prep worker had indeed cut themselves and bled onto customers’ food without realizing.

Sara said: ‘I was traumatized, I was crying and I tried to hold myself together.

‘I’ve never had something like that happen to me before, and I was scared I was exposed to something.’

The girls’ mother asked Panera to make the employee have HIV and Hepatitis tests, to ensure Sarah hadn’t been exposed to any blood-borne illnesses.

Those tests came back negative.

Panera say they are working with the store and the Wehses to resolve the issue.

They’ve given Sarah and Rachel vouchers to return – but the sisters say the experience means they’re unlikely to do so.

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