Russian mobster stabbed by daughters ‘to be charged as a paedophile’

‘Sex-beast Russian mafia boss’ stabbed to death by his three daughters could be charged posthumously with paedophile crimes as details emerge of how he abused the girls

  • Krestina, Angelina, and Maria Khachaturyan face murder charges after admitting stabbing their ‘mob boss’ father Mikhail to death last year 
  • But prosecutors will ask for permission to drop the case after hearing of abuse 
  • They also plan to charge Mikhail posthumously with paedophile crimes 
  • New evidence shows Mikhail raped Krestina and Angelina, tortured them with pepper spray and attacked them with a knife

A Russian mob boss stabbed to death by his three daughters could be charged posthumously with paedophile crimes amid claims he horrifically abused the trio. 

Krestina, Angelina, and Maria Khachaturyan are currently facing murder charges over the killing of father Mikhail, 57, who was knifed in his apartment block last July.

But prosecutors are now expected to seek judicial permission to drop the case against the siblings and charge Mikhail instead after evidence emerged of years of sexual torture and physical abuse. 

Officials now back the sisters’ claims that Mikhail raped Krestina and Angelina and engaged in other sexual violence when they were underage, reported the Moskovsky Komsomolets newspaper.

Mikhail Khachaturyan (left) was stabbed to death in Moscow by his three daughters (Angelina, pictured right) last year, but prosecutors are now thought to be dropping the murder charges

Evidence has emerged that Mikhail raped Angelina and Krestina (right) while they were underage, and slashed Maria (left) with a knife

According to new evidence, he told one of his ‘terrified’ daughters: ‘You will take the place of your mother. I will marry you and you will give birth to my baby.’

The experts’ statement – which will be handed to the case judge – states: ‘He ordered them to get undressed in front of him, saying that he wanted to “check” them.

‘Then ordered them to masturbate him, saying that he had problems with his prostate and it would be a cure.’

He ‘abused and humiliated’ them ‘with various weapons’, the statement says.

A picture has also emerged of Angelina with blood streaming from her face after an alleged attack.

On the day of Mikhail’s death, the girls say they took their father’s hunting knife from his car as self protection because they feared he would beat them. 

Pictures have emerged showing injuries the girls sustained. Left is Angelina with blood running down her face, while a bruise on one of the girls’ jaws is seen right

Angelina (pictured in court) and her siblings don’t deny attacking their father, but insist it was in self defence fearing he would kill one of them

On the day Mikhail died, the girls say he attacked them with pepper spray – causing Krestina, who suffered from asthma, to collapse

Maria had been previously wounded with the knife as had the girls’ mother, Aurelia, who had fled the family home.

Before the fatal attack the girls say they were attacked with pepper spray, a frequent ‘punishment’ dished out by Mikhail.  

Krestina – an asthma sufferer – collapsed and he took her to the bathroom, undressing her and pouring vodka over her, the new report says.

Worried that she could die and fearing for their own lives, Angelina and Maria decided to attack him with the knife and a hammer.

During the struggle, which spilled out of the apartment and on to the street, Angelina plunged a knife into her father’s heart, according to the new evidence.

He collapsed and Maria called an ambulance, but he was already dead when paramedics arrived.

Mikhail kept an array of weapons stashed in his car which lawyers now believe he used to threaten and humiliate the girls with

Weapons and ammunition uncovered in Mikahil’s car. He was allegedly a mob boss before he was killed in July last year

Last year the sisters – then aged 19, 18 and 17 – were freed from detention pending detailed analysis of their case. 

Angelina told interrogators: ‘I have no regrets. It was no longer possible to tolerate what he did to us.

‘Prison is better than living with him. From the age of ten – beatings, from 14 – sexual harassment. When he drove our mother out three years ago, things got really bad.’

Lawyer Yaroslav Pakulin, acting for the sisters, said: ‘Because of the heavy crimes committed by Khachaturyan against his daughters, when some sexual crimes could have been punished with up to 15 years in jail, the law permits withdrawing all criminal charges against them.’

Charging him posthumously with paedophile crimes was important to clear the names of the sisters, he said.

Aurelia Dunduk, the girls’ mother, was also allegedly slashed with a knife and fled the family home, after which his abuse of the girls became more severe

Lawyers will also move to charge Mikhail posthumously with paedophile crimes, which allows the girls to be cleared under Russian law

Angelina’s lawyer Alexey Parshin said: ‘From the very beginning it was clear that the girls lived in a long-term psychologically damaging situation.

‘They experienced violence for several years. It has been proven by forensic experts.

‘It became clear why they could not ask for help and could not escape from this father.

‘Considering that they constantly feared for their lives and that the crimes against them kept repeating, this was necessary self-defence.

‘We expect the criminal investigation against them to be stopped.

‘The actions of Mikhail Khachaturyan have seriously damaged physical and psychological health of the girls.’

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