School hires male stripper to entertain mums for Mother’s Day – while kids watch

A primary school has come under fire after it paid a male stripper to entertain mums for Mother's Day, while shocked youngsters watched on.

A scantily clad man was filmed thrusting his groin towards women during the show at a primary school in the Mexican state of Veracruz.

The footage has been viewed more than 200,000 times on social media, with many critics slamming the school for hiring the stripper.

Efrain Salgado Gama wrote on Facebook : “Great education for the children. The organisers should be fired and if the headmistress is also involved, she should be sacked too.”

Agustin Delgado Ferrara added: “So now primary schools are teaching children that it is okay to be a stripper and follow in their footsteps? 

“What kind of country will we have in 10 years’ time.”

Maiden Pegueros said: "The world is already so spoiled and if we continue to provoke and give promotion to this kind of thing where we are going to finish?"

However, some viewers accused the critics of double standards, claiming there would have been little outrage if the school hired a female stripper instead of a male.

In the video, a muscular performer, dressed in red shorts and wings, is seen flaunting his stuff on stage, before moving down to the audience and gyrating on different women.

The performance takes place in front of dozens of children, many of whom are sat between the front row and the stage.

Members of the audience can be seen clapping in unison in the video.

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