Squatters in Blackpool use B&B curtains as toilet paper and leave used needles all over the carpet – The Sun

USED needles litter the carpets and the toilet is overflowing with faeces.

It's a stomach-churning sight, and landlord John Batrim shudders as he spots a pair of poo-smeared curtains that have been used as toilet roll on the bathroom floor.

The shocking scenes were filmed at a disused B&B in Blackpool – and will be shown in a new episode of Channel 5 series Nightmare Tenants, Slum Landlords, which airs tonight.

"We see a lot of poverty, the darker side of life," John says as he inspects the once thriving B&B, which has been taken over by squatters who have been shooting up in every room.

"Most people here are down on their backside," John sighs. "It’s an absolute nightmare."

Curtains used as loo roll

The B&B closed down two years ago and was left empty while the owners decided what to do with it.

John is inspecting the property with a view of renovating it and letting it out as bedsits.

But he's is shocked to find the space is awash with cigarette butts, needles and other drug paraphernalia – and there are two broken toilets overflowing with human waste.

“That’s just awful – covered in s**t and it looks like they’ve been using an old curtain to wipe their a**es on. The mind boggles,” says John. "It’s not often I smell things like that.”

The landlord realises that a number of squatters have been living in the disused hotel after breaking in through the back door.

“Yes, there is an issue with drugs in Blackpool. You have to be vigilant when there are sharps lying around that could harm my colleague or I,” says John, surveying the chaos.

Sneaky squatters

The property used to be a successful bed and breakfast business, located within walking distance of Blackpool Pier.

“It’s a prime location for anyone to have a nice home, not like the s**t we’re seeing in front of us,” John says.

He later discovers the local birds have also been making themselves at home – and pigeon faeces and feathers are left all over the property.

'People are desperate'

Then John opens the door to a bedroom and finds a couple sleeping on an old mattress.

Keeping calm, John tries his best to convince the squatters to leave peacefully.

“Putting people back on the streets is difficult but they can’t see us as a soft touch,” John says defending his decision to kick them back out.

John manages to get the squatters to leave without involving the authorities.

“I’m glad they went quietly, you can’t have any qualms though because they are doing wrong and it’s a criminal offence to squat,” he is keen to point out.

However, homelessness is rife in Blackpool and John suspects it’s just a matter of time before they are back.

“The people are desperate and are stuck. Blackpool is victim to its past, people think the streets are paved with gold and they are not,” he says.

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With all the squatters out, John pays up £7000 to have the property renovated and transformed into somewhere which is ready to be let.

Nightmare Tennants, Slum Landlords airs Monday at 9pm on Channel 5.

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