Stimulus checks – California families to get an EXTRA $500 under Gov Newsom’s $100billion plan… here's how

LOW-income Californian families will receive an extra $500 under Gavin Newsom’s bumper stimulus package.

The measure is part of the Governor's $100billion California Comeback Plan – a series of economic proposals designed to speed up the state's recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Golden State stimulus checks will be expanded under the proposals meaning two-thirds of Californians will be eligible to receive increased payments of $600.

And, households earning up to $75,000 with at least one child can expect to receive an extra $500.

This builds on an earlier payment to low-income earners and immigrants who pay taxes but didn't receive their stimulus checks, including those who entered illegally.

Governor Newsom said yesterday: "California's recovery is well underway, but we can't be satisfied with simply going back to the way things were."

Newsom proposed another $5billion to help low-income Californians to pay rent and set aside $2billion to cover the cost of overdue utility bills.

California is also due to receive another $27billion from the latest federal coronavirus spending plan, the US Treasury confirmed yesterday.

Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf, who accompanied Newsom at yesterday's press conference, urged immigrants to take advantage by filing their tax returns.

But, Jon Coupal, president of the conservative Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, fears Newsom’s plans do not comply with state law as it limits how much the state can spend.

The state is projected to have a $75.7billion budget surplus and a law requires the government to give money to taxpayers if the surplus exceeds a certain limit.

It's estimated that the package will be $16billion over the threshold.

Mr. Coupal told the AP: “If he is giving money back to taxpayers, back to citizens, that is a positive thing. Who he is giving it to, we could argue about that.”

Kevin Faulconer, the Mayor of San Diego, criticized Newsom for not outlining a program for longer-term tax reform.

He said: “One time payments for just one year isn't enough, not nearly enough. We need permanent, lasting tax relief for middle class families.”

The first wave of California's stimulus checks began going out to those who qualify last month, according to the state's Franchise Tax Board (FTB).

The first group of people to receive the checks will be those who filed their 2020 tax returns by March 1, according to the FTB.

People who filed taxes between January 1 and March 1 began receiving payments after April 15.

If you filed your taxes after March 2, it could take up to 45 days to get a direct deposit or 60 days to receive a mailed check.

The FTB has set up a website where Californians can check if they qualify and when they can expect to see the money.

Newsom's expanded program comes as the governor is facing a recall election.

Former Olympian turned reality TV star Caitlyn Jenner has since announced she plans to run against him and started to campaign.

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