Terrifying moment 'stupid' biker is nearly crushed between two trams

Terrifying moment ‘stupid’ biker is nearly crushed between two trams as he tries to ride through tiny gap without noticing warning lights or siren

  • Maxine Sennett was on the Isle of Man to watch the island’s famous TT races 
  • One biker almost collided with two trams while attempting the mountain circuit 

This is the moment a ‘stupid’ motorbike rider was almost crushed between two trams on the Isle of Man having ignored flashing lights and a warning siren. 

The biker, who is believed to be in his 40s, shot through a level crossing when two trams were approaching from opposite direction. 

The footage was shot by Maxine Sennett, who was filming the approaching tram to show her grandchildren. 

Ms Sennett’s video, which was later uploaded onto Facebook and viewed more than 6,000 times, was shot in May. 

In the clip, the motorbike can be seen swerving to the left to avoid the first tram, when the rider was forced to pull hard to the right when he noticed the second tram approach. 

The motorbike, centre, was approaching the level crossing after a 90-degree left hand corner

The motorcyclist thought he could easily beat the tram, pictured, on the level crossing

According to Ms Sennett, she believes the motorbike was approaching the trams at around 40mph. 

One onlooker can be heard repeatedly shouting ‘f***’ as the incident unfolds and Ms Sennett gasps ‘oh my God!’ after realising what she’d just seen.

Ms Sennett, who is a keen biker herself,  had been waiting for the Isle of Man TT race’s practice laps to begin and she says the motorist involved was a general road user taking advantage of the temporary one-way system. 

The Isle of Man’s Department for Transport says flashing yellow lights, red stop lights, and warning gongs were active on the crossing to warn the driver. The stunned grandmother-of-two says she ‘doesn’t know what was going through the biker’s head’ and thought he was going to be killed. 

Her video of the dangerous near-miss, shot on May 30th, has been viewed more than 6,000 times with some users calling the lucky biker ‘stupid’. 

Ms Sennett,  from Tividale, West Midlands, said: ‘This biker was just completely oblivious to everything. I didn’t think he was going to stop. My stomach did a somersault. 

A second motorcyclist stopped at the level crossing as the first rider managed to squeeze between the two approaching trams

The motorcyclist managed to avoid both trams and was able to continue up the mountain

‘He kept his speed until late so I don’t know what was going on in his head. I’m glad I didn’t see a serious accident. I thought he’d had it here. 

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‘I thought he was going to be under the tram. He had to stop the bike and jump off otherwise he’d end up under it because he’d lost control. If he’d have fallen forwards he’d be under it. 

‘I was worrying to see. It would have killed him eventually if he’d crashed into them. I only wanted to get a video of the trams for the grandkids. 

‘It’s dangerous to not be paying attention but from a biker’s point of view I get it. You’ve got all these people and great views. But you’ve got to see the trams coming.’ 

Ms Sennett described the area as a petrolhead’s ‘heaven’ due to there being no speed limit up the mountain. The recycling firm site manager and husband Antony Sennett, 51, made the trip to watch the race’s practice sessions, which are part of the event running from May 29 to June 10. 

Her Facebook post said: ‘Up the mountain watching from the victory!! This was a close call. Don’t argue with the trams!’ 

One commented: ‘The bikers have got to realise that it’s open roads and everyone can use them until the practice or the actual race. 

‘The big giveaway is the police cones on the road and occasional tram.’ 

A second said: ‘A bit stupid, it’s not like it’s a blind corner for Christ sake.’ 

A third simply added: ‘Really? I’m lost for words lol!’ 

A spokesperson from the Isle of Man’s Department of Transport said: ‘It is very fortunate that the rider involved, having failed to observe the yellow advance warning lights, the red stop lights, the warning gongs and the two approaching trams managed to stop his motorcycle in front of the approaching tram before a collision occurred. 

Maxine Sennett, right, and her husband Antony, left, were on the Isle of Man to watch the famous TT races

Ms Sennett, right, said she feared the rider had been killed having witnessed the near miss

‘The consequences, had the rider and the ascending tram been unable to stop in time, could have been very serious and we are relieved that the rider and his bike appeared to be undamaged. 

‘The Department would like to remind drivers to take care at all times approaching any tram crossing, and especially so during such a busy TT period.’ 

Isle of Man Constabulary have been contacted for comment. 

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