TfL sparks outrage over 'face shot' skiing poster on London Tubes

TfL sparks outrage over ‘poor taste’ ‘face shot’ skiing poster on London Tubes as MP Caroline Nokes demands Mayor Sadiq Khan removes the ‘hideous’ advert

  • A poster advertising skiing instructors on the Underground has sparked debate
  • Transport for London have previously come under fire for some of their adverts 

An advert on the London Underground which asks readers if they enjoy ‘face shots’ has sparked outrage and been branded as ‘hideous’ by a Tory MP.

The poster is intended to advertise a skiing instructor service that offers guides who know the ‘best face spot shots on the mountain’.

The top half of the poster has ‘face shot’ in large bold letters and a description of the phrase below: ‘The effect of fresh snow spraying one’s face when skiing in deep snow’.

However, Romsey & Southampton North MP Caroline Nokes tweeted that ‘we all know what the other reference is…’ 

Tfl has previously faced backlash over other posters that have appeared on tubes, such as ones that promoted going to Turkey for cosmetic surgery or warned against staring at people.

The controversial poster is intended to advertise a skiing instructor service that offers guides who know the ‘best face spot shots on the mountain’

Romsey and Southampton North MP Caroline Nokes called the advert ‘hideous’ and said that ‘we all know what the other reference is…’

Mrs Nokes said: ‘Hideous advert on tube @MayorofLondon @TfL – we shouldn’t have to put up with references like this on transport network, kids are seeing that every day.’

Replying to her tweet, people described the advert as ‘crass’ and in ‘exceptionally poor taste’.

Though others defended the poster saying the term is ‘A real thing! Albeit niche’.

One person said: ‘Think you’re trying to make something out of nothing. There’s a slight cheeky nod if you know (kids wouldn’t) but it’s hardly “hideous”. OTT reaction.’

Other tube adverts have previously caused controversy, Transport for London was previously accused of ‘unethically’ advertising ‘Turkey Teeth’ procedures.

TfL, under control of London’s Mayor, ran advertisements for Istanbul-based dental clinic Dentakay, which offers the ‘Hollywood Smile’ treatment.

The controversial dental procedure, made popular by stars such as Katie Price and Love Island’s Jack Fincham, involves filing down natural teeth to pegs then replacing them with crowns or veneers.

Debate broke out about the implications of encouraging cosmetic surgery, especially one that numerous Britons said left them in pain and suffering complications after having the treatment abroad.

Transport for London, under control of London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, was criticised by UK dentists for hosting advertisements urging Britons to head overseas for cosmetic dental treatment 

The poster (pictured) appeared on the London underground after TfL launched its campaign against sexual harassment

While adverts aimed at reducing harassment of women on public transport also angered many people – over whether staring on the tube or bus should be a crime.

The initiative installed posters on trains, saying: ‘Intrusive staring of a sexual nature is sexual harassment and is not tolerated.’

 Many felt the campaign was positive, and highlighted how uncomfortable aggressive leering on public transport can be.

While others felt staring was a non-issue are that there are more serious issues that could be dealt with.

In October, thousands of cannabis adverts with a discount code were ‘flyposted’ on the underground. 

Dispenseroo, a cannabis delivery service with similar branding to Deliveroo, was ‘flyposting’ on the tube network, having placed illegally 2,500 paper adverts for its services in carriages.

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