Thai suspect charged with hacking British ex-pat, 49, to death

Girlfriend of Brit who was hacked to death with a sickle in Thailand reveals horror moment she discovered his body before ‘looking killer in eyes’ – as Thai man is charged over death

  • Wassana Muanchit, 33, found Marcus Evans, 49, face down in a pool of blood  
  • Local Thai man Prasut Thipthep, 23, has been arrested over the killing  
  • Mr Evans found shirtless in pair of black shorts, was pronounced dead at scene
  • His friend was found in critical condition and taken to hospital where he remains
  • Ms Muanchit said: ‘I looked in his eyes. I was still so angry at him. I asked him ”why did you kill my husband?”’ 

The girlfriend of a British man who was hacked to death with a sickle in Thailand has revealed the horrifying moment she discovered his body before ‘looking his killer in the eyes’. 

Wassana Muanchit, 33, who refers to herself as the wife of Marcus Evans, 49, has spoken of the moment she found his body lying face-down in a pool of blood covered in slashes. 

The mother of one returned to her home in Kanchanaburi, 90 miles from Bangkok, when a neighbour told her ‘to check up on her husband’ in the early hours of Saturday.   

Local man Prasut Thipthep, 23, has been arrested over the killing and Ms Muanchit revealed that police let her speak to him. 

Ms Muanchit told the Sun: ‘I looked in his eyes. I was still so angry at him. I asked him ”why did you kill my husband?”

‘I said I was very angry at him. I said ”why couldn’t you talk or ask nicely? You could have told me or told the police, but you shouldn’t have killed him”.’ 

She added: ‘He gave me a monthly allowance and my expenses are high, but my husband took amazing care of me. Now I don’t know what to do because I will have nobody to support me.’ 

Marcus Evans, 49, from Weston Super Mere started drinking on Friday afternoon with his girlfriend and friend Shaun Dagnan, from Nuneaton. In the early hours of Saturday morning, he was allegedly attacked and killed with a sickle, allegedly over playing music too loudly

Police said they had arrested a 23-year-old local man (pictured) with a history of mental health issues in connection with attack and had sustained injuries consistent with a knife fight

Pictured: the alleged weapon used in the attack was a sickle found at the scene

Officers said Mr Evans and his friend Shaun Dagnan, 54, had been drinking alcohol outside a rented home in Kanchanaburi’s Muang district in the early hours of Saturday before the incident.

A sickle used to harvest rice was found at the crime scene along with a pair of shoes, local media reported.

Thipthep was charged with ‘intentional manslaughter’ and ‘attempting to kill’ Shaun Dagnan in connection with the incident. 

Mr Evans is believed to have lived in Thailand for five years with Ms Muanchit.     

His 54-year-old friend Mr Dagnan was seriously injured in the attack and taken to hospital for treatment, police commander of western provinces Thanayut Wuthijarasthamrong said.

Mr Dagnan, from Nuneaton, is believed to have travelled to the country to spend time with his girlfriend Nong Pranee.  

Police Lieutenant General Thanayut Vuthijarathamrong is leading the police investigation and claims that Thipthep has confessed to the killing.   

‘The other Briton is now safe and under care of doctors,’ Thanayut told reporters, adding the police investigation was ongoing. 

Shaun reportedly received flowers from Thai police while recovering in hospital today. 

Speaking at a press conference today, Police Lieutenant General Thanayut Vuthijarathamrong confirmed the incident took place after a disagreement between the victims and the suspect

Speaking at a press conference today, Police Lieutenant General Thanayut Vuthijarathamrong, who is leading the probe, said: ‘From the investigation, the accused confessed that the cause of the death came from a disagreement with the deceased.

‘The injured victim and the deceased were drinking alcohol and playing loud music during the night until it caused dissatisfaction with the perpetrator and leading him to attack the men.’

In response to reports that the suspect has a history of mental illness, the officer confirmed he had a history of receiving treatment but that ongoing examination was underway to determine his mental state at the time of the attack.

He added: ‘In this situation, the investigating officer together with expert doctors will assess the suspect to determined if he had complete consciousness or not at the time of the attack.

‘But initially, two serious charges were filed against the perpetrators, one of intentional manslaughter and charge of attempting to kill another person.

‘For the injured and the deceased, the police have teamed up with the Tourist Police, including the officials of the Office of Tourism and Sports, to coordinate with the British Embassy to contact the families of the injured and dead.

Pictured: Prasut Thipthep, 22, in custody earlier on Sunday January 23 for allegedly hacking to death Marcus John Evans, 49, with a rice sickle in Kanchanaburi, western Thailand

Pictured: Prasut Thipthep (far right) in police custody on Sunday, January 23

The alleged attack took place outside a rented room in Kanchanaburi, in central Thailand

‘It is currently waiting for the relatives of the injured and deceased to travel to Thailand. In terms of providing assistance to the injured and dead, The Ministry of Tourism and Sports will consider further assistance measures.’

The UK foreign office has since confirmed it is in contact with the Royal Thai police and the British embassy in Bangkok was ready to provide consular support.  

Mr Evans, from Weston Super Mare,  started drinking on Friday afternoon with his partner and his friend Shaun Dagnan, from Nuneaton, local media said.

The victims were attacked in the early hours of Saturday in Kanchanaburi, central Thailand, allegedly over playing music too loud.

Mr Evans was killed in the attack, with reports suggesting he was nearly decapitated, while Mr Dagnan suffered critical injuries and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Police initially said they have arrested a 23-year-old local man with a history of mental health issues in connection with the attack. 

According to Thai media, 55-year-old Shaun Kevin Dagnan (pictured left in a photo from Facebook) survived the attack in the early hours of Saturday morning in Kanchanaburi

Pictured: Shaun Dagnan receives flowers from police after he was injured in the scythe attack

Mr Evans was named as the victim of the attack by Melanie Derrick – believed to be the mother of his children – in a Facebook post on Saturday.

Along with a picture of the couple together, she wrote: ‘And just like that another person I loved dearly…. Gone xxx.’

Police were called to the scene around 3.50am on Saturday local time (20:50 GMT) and found the victim shirtless, wearing a pair of black shorts and lying face down in a pool of blood with knife wounds to his neck. 

Mr Dagnan was rushed to hospital in a critical condition, police said, adding that they found a pair of shoes and a sickle – the suspected weapon – at the scene. 

A Foreign Office spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We are in contact with the Royal Thai Police following the death of one British man and the hospitalisation of another in Thailand and are ready to provide consular support.’

Police found shoes and a sickle, (pictured) which they suspect was the weapon used in attack

Police speak with the Thai girlfriend of a British tourist was allegedly hacked to death with a scythe in Kanchaburi, Thailand, in the early hours of Saturday morning, January 22

Local reports said the British men started drinking on Friday and carried on ‘talking loudly and playing music’ from a Bluetooth speaker until well past midnight.

However, a furious Thai neighbour allegedly confronted them before launching the frenzied attack with a scythe shortly after 3am.

Residents heard shouting before finding the body of one British man – which was almost decapitated – while the other was severely injured and was taken to hospital.

Officers arrived and a 23-year-old was arrested later that morning after he was found hiding in a nearby house. He is said to have been ‘trembling and covered in blood’. 

The alleged attack took place outside a rented room at the Soi Sri Lanka in Mueang, Kanchanaburi.

A neighbour, who was a relative of the dead victim’s girlfriend, told police he was woken by a loud noise early on Saturday. 

When he went to see what the commotion was, he found the two victims, the Bangkok Post reported. 

Pictures showed the scene swarming with police officers with streams of thick red blood, spattered walls and a stash of empty beer bottles.  

Police said the suspect was resident of Kanchanaburi (pictured) and was remanded in custody

Mueang Police said the suspect was a local resident and was remanded in custody with injuries consistent with a knife fight. 

But it was later reported the man taken into police custody was injured after he was attacked by neighbours who believed he was the perpetrator.  

Police Colonel Somkiart Chomchai said a team of police, including forensic officers, were dispatched to the scene to collect evidence. 

Adria Licci, 59, from Italy and a friend of the victim, who also lived in the resort, said that the deceased had arrived on December 17 to visit his Thai girlfriend.

He said: ‘I was friends with the man who died and the one who was injured. They also knew the attacker and they had drinks with him before and had given him cigarettes. They used to joke with him a lot.

‘I’ve never seen the three of them arguing before until last night when I heard them all shouting at about 3am.

‘I came out of the room to see and found the wounded man and dead man lying on the ground in a pool of blood.

‘We think that the issue was caused by the guys playing loud music, but this should have been discussed and solved. It shouldn’t have to be this violent.’

Police Colonel Somkiart Chomchai from the Muang district police said the alleged attacker had been arrested at 8:50am and taken into custody.

He was due to be interviewed on Sunday and also have psychiatric assessments.

The policeman said: ‘At the scene there was a large number of blood marks on the ground. On the marble table were beer bottles and a Bluetooth speaker.

‘We interrogated neighbours nearby the scene and everybody said that the foreigners had been playing music loudly, which made the attacker angry.

‘We have to gather more information on the incident to find whether the attacker was suffering from a mental illness.’

Police said that the British Embassy in Bangkok had been informed of the death. 

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