Tiffany Dover 'dead' rumours – Nurse who fainted after Covid vaccine goes 'missing' forcing hospital to deny she's died

THE Tennessee nurse who passed out live on television after receiving the coronavirus vaccine has "vanished", sparking online rumours that she is dead.

Tiffany Dover, 30, fainted around 17 minutes after she was given the Pfizer vaccine, fueling conspiracy theories and raising further questions about its safety.

She has since been inactive on all of her social media accounts and has not been seen in the public eye, as users flood her pages with comments and concern as rumours continue to circulate of her "death".

Social media sleuths noticed that she has not posted on her Instagram account for five days, when she normally posts every couple of days.

"I just heard that Tiffany Dover the nurse who fainted after the Covid shot is dead. Her friend on Facebook said this and family is getting death threats so they shut up. There is also a gag order," one tweeted.

After the outlandish claims of her death continued on Twitter, CHI Memorial Hospital issued a statement via their Twitter account stating Dover was alive and well.

The hospital wrote: "UPDATE: Nurse Tiffany Dover appreciates the concern shown for her. She is home and doing well. She asks for privacy for her and her family."

Despite the statement, people remained unconvinced as they questioned the reason for the hospital providing the statement.

The nurse manager at the CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga received the vaccine alongside 5 other doctors and nurses before fainting.

Despite explaining she suffers from a condition that sometimes makes her faint when she feels pain, it did nothing to dull anti-vaxxers scepticism of the vaccine.

Outspoken Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson slammed the "glitzy" vaccine rollout, saying: "It feels false, because it is. It's too slick."

The vaccine was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration on December 12, before the mass vaccination rollout across America in a bid to curb rising cases and deaths.

One Twitter user said: "I don't believe this. Why doesn't #TiffanyDover, her family or her hospital respond to her death rumours for real?

Allegedly she was doing fine already shortly after the fainting incident, and she was so eager to be in public with her vaccination – why does she need privacy now?"

Another remarked: "The public would like to hear from Tiffany Dover NOT the hospital. Your tweet does NOTHING to help restore public confidence."

Shocking Twitter posts have claimed people "connected" to her or her family are being silenced and received death threats for sharing information.

Some even shared an alleged death certificate claiming she had passed away – but a Facebook post from a "family member" listed the incorrect age of 42.


In an interview with Chattanooga TV stations just minutes after she recovered from the faint, Dover said: “I have a history of having an over-active vagal response, and so with that if I have pain from anything, a hangnail or if I stub my toe, I just pass out.”

The hospital also promptly released a statement after administering its first vaccinations, explaining that "Shortly after and while conducting a media interview, one of the nurses became dizzy and was assisted to the floor.

"She never lost consciousness and quickly recovered.”

The Associated Press reported that Dover “was back on her feet shortly after passing out” and told reporters, “It’s common for me. I feel fine now.”

The Pfizer vaccine has been found to be at least 95 per cent effective and was approved after clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people.

The company said the vaccine was "well tolerated" during trials and that there were "no serious safety concerns."

President Joe Biden will receive the vaccine on Monday, days after Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

It comes after the FDA approved Moderna's vaccine for emergency use, and began distributing it across healthcare facilities.

TikTok last week deleted a video from US influencer Olivia Madison, who describes herself as "pro life, pro guns, pro Trump".

She posted a video falsely claiming, "Vaccinations contain aborted fetus parts and pig parts. So can you really judge me on being anti-vax? Like I don't believe in injecting a baby with another baby."

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