Trump Organization ‘lays off or furloughs 1,500 hotel employees’ after coronavirus hammers business – The Sun

THE Trump Organization has laid off or furloughed thousands of hotel employees in the US and Canada as the coronavirus outbreak continues to slam Donald Trump's businesses.

About 1,500 workers at hotels in New York, Washington D.C., Miami, Chicago, Las Vegas, Vancouver and Honolulu are now jobless.

Public filings obtained by the Washington Post show that 17 of Donald Trump's 24 clubs and hotels have closed worldwide, while his remaining properties operate at a fraction of their normal capacity.

Trump raked in an average of $650,000 in daily revenue from the shuttered properties, according to his past financial disclosures.

The coronavirus crisis has caused the president's properties to bleed over $1 million each day in lost revenue, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A Majority of Trump's business comes from travel and leisure – two of the hardest-hit industries by the pandemic, which has killed more than 7,000 in the US and sickened over 275,000 others.

The Trump Organization hasn't paid its $54,535 rent that was due April 1 for the Trump International Golf Club West Palm Beach in Florida, a Palm Beach County representative told the Washington Post Friday.

The company said it has until April 10 to cough up the monthly payment without incurring any penalties.

A Trump Organization executive claimed local officials told the company to hold off on payment following Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' executive order to shut down businesses throughout the state due to the pandemic.

"Because the payment has not become due, and in light of Governor's [sic] DeSantis' executive order shutting down businesses throughout the State of Florida as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic, the County advised us to refrain from making payment until they have finalized their policy for the handling of their numerous leases," said Trump Organization Vice President Alan Garten.

“As soon as the County finalizes its guidance, we will, of course, fully and timely comply with its directives as well as continue to comply with the requirements of the lease.”

Trump's hotel in Vancouver, Canada was the latest to announce its closure on Thursday.

Joo Kim Tiah, his business partner in the Vancouver hotel, said in an email to the newspaper that 213 workers had been laid off and only 18 were kept on.

Eleven of those employees worked reduced hours, he said.

Two-thirds of the hotel staff at Trump Tower Chicago were fired and 401(k) contributions for all employees were suspended, the hotel told investors Friday.

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