Turkey invasion of Syria could trigger a ‘tsunami of human misery' heading to Europe with millions fleeing to Greece, expert predicts

TURKEY'S invasion of Syria could trigger a ‘tsunami of human misery' heading to Europe, one leading expert has warned.

Mark Almond, of the UK-based Crisis Research Institute, fears we could even see a repeat of the shocking 2015 refugee crisis.

His warnings come after the Turkish military pounded more than 181 Kurdish targets after launching a ground and air assault in northern Syria.

Kurdish leaders in Syria have now called on the international community to intervene over fears of another "humanitarian catastrophe".

Four years ago, around 900,000 refugees and migrants arrived on Europe's shores – thousands died at sea during their perilous journey.

Three quarters of the masses had fled conflict and persecution in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq, reveals the UN Refugee Council.

Mr Almond warned: "Turkey wants to push millions of Syrian refugees back into a so-called 'safe zone' it is creating by force in northern Syria.

"None of the refugees came from this place and they see it as hostile territory. Many Syrian refugees will prefer to risk crossing the sea to Greece than being pushed into a war-zone.

"If so, then we will see a rerun of the refugee crisis in 2015 which convulsed the EU."

Mr Almond warnings came in the Daily Mail and as the Turkish military carried out its first deadly strikes in Northern Syria.

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