Two children missing in Argentina after taking up TikTok's Challenge

Two children, aged 12 and 13, who disappeared from school after taking up TikTok’s 48 Hour Challenge are found safely at Argentine police station

  • Kevin González, 12, and Valentina Sánchez, 13, were found safely in Buenos Aires, Argentina on Tuesday morning 
  • They were reported missing Monday after they failed to return to their respective homes and reportedly accepted TikTok’s viral 48 Hour Challenge
  • The dare urges participants to hide from their parents and can accumulate points by the amount of times their case is mentioned 

Two children were found safely in Argentina on Tuesday, one a day after they allegedly took up a TikTok challenge and disappeared from school following dismissal.

Kevin González, 12, and Valentina Sánchez, 13, were spotted by a woman, who called police in Buenos Aires on Tuesday morning, Argentine news channel TN reported.

Sánchez’s father, Diego Sánchez, told the news station that woman saw them on a street before she approached and ‘grabbed the children and took them to where there was a cop. She took a bus and took them to the nearest police station.’

The children were medically assessed on the scene by paramedics and said to be in good health. They were later reunited with their parents.

González and Sánchez were last seen outside the Misericordia School after they were dismissed at 3pm on Monday.

According to local outlets, the children’s disappearance act is said to have been linked to the 48 Hours Challenge on TikTok.

13-year-old Valentina Sánchez disappeared with one of her classmates Monday after they were dismissed from their school in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and are said to have participated in the TikTok 48 Hour Challenge, which urges participants to hide on purpose from their parents and stay away from places where they can be recognized. Sánchez and her friend were found safely Tuesday morning on a Buenos Aires street and reunited with their parents

Kevin González, one of two children who disappeared on purpose as part of the TikTok 48 Hour Challenge, left a letter to his parents indicating he planned to visit Argentina’s Patagonia region

The social media network’s viral challenge encourages youngsters to hide on purpose from their parents for two days while police search for them.

As part of the dare, TikTokers have to stay away from places where they can be easily recognized and gain points by the amount of times their missing cases are mentioned during the 48-hour period.

Authorities were able to track González and Sánchez through their travel cards and found that they had boarded a train in the neighborhood of San Fernando towards Buenos Aires.

They got off at the Belgrano station, where they boarded the 59 bus and then transferred to 37 bus towards the town of Lanús, south of Buenos Aires.

The Argentine children who took part in the viral TikTok 48 Hour Challenge were taken to a police station before their parents 

Kevin González and his friend had plans of traveling across southern Argentina as part of the TikTok 48 Hour Challenge

The morning of his disappearance, González penned a letter for his parents and revealed he ‘wanted to go to Bariloche,’ a city in Argentina’s Patagonia region that is surrounded by the Andes mountains.

The concerned parents also discovered audio messages that showed they had plans to ‘undertake trips to different places, all to the south.’

González and Sánchez were spotted on cameras at different points throughout Buenos Aires, but police were unable to find them.

‘What worries me the most is where they spent the night,’ Diego Sánchez said. ‘That bothered me. That they were (in the path) of anyone with evil, they were exposed to that and that was our great fear.’

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