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TWO mums led an armed lynch mob which beat and stabbed a man to death during a bitter neighbours' feud.

Mum-of-three Tina Walton, 43, and mum-of-four Stephanie Steele, 38, were part of the gang that cornered and attacked Mark Gibson on their street.

During the revenge assault arising out of an earlier bust-up, Gibson, 52, was pinned against a bay window by three men before being beaten by one of the women with what is believed to be a wrench.

He was then ''finished off'' when one of the men plunged a two-pronged kitchen knife into his upper body.

As Gibson, from Blackpool, Lancs, collapsed and lay dying, witnesses heard the group laughing, and saying: "Let him bleed out. We'll leave him in the road."

He was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead an hour later.


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A post-mortem examination concluded he died from a stab wound to his right shoulder which severed major veins and arteries and he also had a number of other injuries.

At Preston Crown Court, Walton and Steele both of Blackpool were both found guilty of murder and will face automatic life sentences.

Walton's boyfriend Shaun Neil, 42, and a second man Stephen Pugh, 49, were also convicted of murder whilst Aaron Chadwick, 33, was found guilty of manslaughter.

The court heard Walton and Neil has initially been friends with Gibson who lived next door.

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But in June 2020 they fell out after Walton claimed Gibson attacked her at his home during an argument.

Gibson was charged over the bust up but the case was later dismissed when she refused to testify.

The killing occurred at around 1am, on July 11, 2022 after Gibson went to Walton and Neil's home where they were entertaining Steele, Pugh and Chadwick.

He started banging on the windows and doors, shouting: "You're a f***ing grass. You're not going to get away with this. I'm from Manchester. You two are grass bags."

One witness also heard Gibson shout: "I'm going to f***ing slash you."

Neil initially dialled 999 but the call was disconnected before he spoke to the police and he Walton instead went outside to confront the victim.

CCTV showed Walton walking towards Gibson brandishing a spade before hitting him with it as the victim said: "Come on, let's have it, you cheeky c***."

During the ensuing scuffle, the rest of the group dashed out of the property to find Gibson on the floor.


He got up and ran to a neighbour's doorway to seek refuge where he could be heard shouting "help me please."

But Steele, who was armed with a tyre wrench, followed him into the front garden, with Walton behind.

The women's male accomplices then pinned Gibson against a bay window as one of the women struck him with one of the weapons. Pugh then plunged the 12-inch kitchen knife into the victim.

After the attack finished Gibson staggered away sat down on a wall, and collapsed backwards, as his killers walked away. Emergency services arrived at the scene, after being called by neighbours, and attempted CPR in vain.

Walton and Steele were intercepted by the police along with Pugh shortly afterwards. Neil was detained inside his property. All four had changed their clothing and the knife was found in a washing-up bowl, next to the wheel wrench and spade.

Chadwick escaped but was arrested two days later. All five denied wrongdoing but forensic officers matched footprints at the scene to Neil, Walton and Chadwick.

Bloodstains on Walton's trainers matched the DNA profile of Gibson and blood stains on a blue and grey polo shirt, belonging to Neil also matched the victims.

Pugh had a bloodstain on his elbow when he was taken into custody, which was swabbed and found to match Gibson's, the court heard.

Jacon Dyer prosecuting said: "This was a joint attack by all five defendants. There is no doubt Mr Gibson was the initial aggressor but at the time of the fatal attack itself he was in flight from this group and he was no threat at that stage to any of them.

''He was desperately seeking refuge in a doorway when there was a frenzied attack which in no way could be described as self-defence or defence of another. It is in all likelihood that it was in that garden that the fatal wound was inflicted.

"This was nothing more than retaliation by a mob who had armed themselves with weapons. They were out of control and seeking retribution.

"Pugh delivered the fatal blow but each defendant joined in this enterprise and had a common purpose, which was to cause Mr Gibson really serious harm at least."

All five defendants will be sentenced on Tuesday February 28.

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Det Ch Insp Jane Webb, of Lancashire Police’s Force Major Investigation Team, said: “First and foremost my thoughts are with Mark’s family and friends. They have behaved with dignity and respect throughout the court process.

“I would like to place on record my thanks to the community for the help they have provided us throughout this investigation. Their support has helped the jury reach the considered verdicts they have.”

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