Veteran DANCES to Rhianna hit as she retires from US military

Going out in style! Veteran petty officer DANCES down red carpet to Rhianna’s Lemon as she retires from US military after 26 years of service

  • Georgia Rhem spent 20 years in the army followed by six years in the US Navy 
  • Dancing to Rihanna and N.E.R.D song Lemon she boogied her way to retirement
  • The video has over 1.6 million views after going viral when her daughter shared it

A veteran petty officer decided to retire in style, grooving down the red carpet to Rihanna during the ceremony after 26 years of service in the US Forces.

After spending six years in the army, followed by 20 years in the navy, petty officer first class Georgia Rhem capped her retirement ceremony off with a boogie to her favourite song. 

Using the Rihanna and N.E.R.D song Lemon, she sashayed down a walkway during a ceremony at Maryland Yacht Club in Pasadena, Maryland, U.S., on August 30.

Two officers can be seen retiring in the ceremony before her, taking turns to salute as they walk down the aisle for the final time in their career. 

When the ceremonial bell tolls to signal it is time walk down the red carpet for Ms Rhem the non-traditional song begins to blast out. 

During the iconic exit Ms Rhem was saluted by her fellow naval officers – who seemed more than a little amused by her choice of song as they struggled to contain their giggles. 

Footage shot by Donnis Whitfield Jr was shared by Ms Rhem’s daughter, going viral on Twitter with 1.6 million views at the time of writing.

Beginning standing straight Ms Rhem gave no indication she was about to bust a move (right)

Posting footage of the event to Facebook, Rhem noted that there has been some negative commentary regarding her decision to dance her way into retirement.

She wrote, ‘Ok family and friends, here’s my video. When this happened, there were/are no expectations as to what is currently happening.

‘Most of it Is love, but there is a lot of hate as well. I will take it all in stride and remain who I am. People in the world do NOT know my story, most of you do.’

One Twitter user commented: ’26 years and didn’t get to be an Officer? That’s crazy! But congrats regardless.’ 

Ms Rhem’s daughter @xo__mariahhh replied: ‘Yep the military has pros and cons. She tried multiple times!

Adding: ‘She sacrificed everything for me.’ 

Footage shot by Donnis Whitfield Jr was shared by Ms Rhem’s daughter, going viral on Twitter with 1.6 million views


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