What did Dr Fauci say in his speech Wednesday January 27, 2021?

DR Anthony Fauci and the White House Covid-19 Response Team held a press conference on January 27, 2021, to update the public on the current pandemic.

Dr Fauci was joined by Dr Marcella Nunez-Smith, Andy Slavitt, Dr Rochelle Walensky, and Jeff Zients.

What did Dr Fauci say in his speech Wednesday January 27, 2021?

At Wednesday's press conference, Dr Fauci addressed three areas, therapeutics, vaccines and implications of the Covid variants.

"The federal government has been involved either in the development of and or the facilitation of the testing of a number of vaccines that represent three separate platforms," Fauci said while speaking about vaccines.

Fauci mentioned three other vaccines, Johnson & Johnson, Astrazeneca and Novavax, are in "various states of trail".

"A particular importance that you'll be hearing about likely within the next few days to a week are the results from the Johnson, J&J trail," Fauci said.

What did Dr Fauci say about the vaccines and the Covid variants?

Dr Fauci highlighted the the importance of the upcoming three vaccines, because it will be looking at the "efficacy" of the jab against the South Africa and Brazil Covid variants.

"We will get a good feel from those, I hope, I believe we will, we'll let the data speak for itself, but what we will see was the relative efficacy against the wild type virus that is predominantly in the United States.

"As well as the South African isolate, which in fact it's something that we'll be able to get a feel for the efficacy there.

"So we'll have some comparative efficacy, which will inform us on where we would go if the eventuation occurs that we do have that particular lineage that would seed itself in the United States," Fauci said.

What is Joe Biden expected to speak about today?

President Joe Biden will deliver remarks and sign executive actions on tackling climate change, creating jobs and restoring scientific integrity.

President Biden will speak at 1:30 pm, and you can watch live by going to the White House website.

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