What is the John McAfee QAnon conspiracy theory?

ANTIVIRUS guru John McAfee was constantly on the run, claiming he feared for his life and that the US Government was out to get him.

Spookily, his Instagram account posted a mysterious "Q" just minutes after his jail "suicide" death was reported in Spain.

What is the John McAfee QAnon conspiracy theory?

Within 30 minutes of a news outlet reporting on John McAfee's prison cell death in Spain, his Instagram uploaded a photo of the capital letter Q.

The 75-year-old tech mogul is reported to have taken his own life in prison in Barcelona, according to local paper El Pais.

And the "Q" photo on his social media appears to be a reference to QANON, the bizarre conspiracy theory that was tied to the fortunes of former President Donald Trump.

McAfee's latest Instagram post was shared without a caption and showed a black letter "Q" on top of a white background, the Independent reported.

The letter "Q" represents a disproven and discredited far-right conspiracy theory, known as QANON, about pedophiles running a worldwide child sex-trafficking ring.

Instagram users responded to the post by commenting: "RIP," "this man did not kill himself," "Q," and "Epstein 2.0".

According to the news outlet, McAfee once shared a photo in 2019 of himself in an altered image of Jeffrey Epstein — who was found dead in a prison cell that same year.

He wrote alongside the image: "I never said Jeffrey Epstein was murdered. I said he didn't commit suicide. Not the same.

"Could be alive. Could have never existed. Maybe murdered. I dunno. I only know he didn't commit suicide."

Epstein was arrested in July 2019, just one month before his death, and accused of sexually exploiting and abusing dozens of underage girls. 

Additionally, McAfee once claimed that if he was ever discovered dead by suicide that he did not kill himself.

Two years ago, McAfee appeared to show off a tattoo reading "$whackd" in a tweet as he blamed US officials of targeting him.

"Getting subtle messages from U.S. officials saying, in effect: 'We're coming for you McAfee! We're going to kill yourself,'" he wrote.

"I got a tattoo today just in case. If I suicide myself, I didn't. I was whackd. Check my right arm."

In 2018 the Sun Online delved into the world of the then gun-toting 'fugitive’ who feared he was being watched after murder and rape accusations.

He fled Central American cops after they named him as a "person of interest" in the death of his neighbour in Belize.

BMcAfee was born in 1945 on a US Army base in Gloucestershire, England, before moving to the US where he was raised in Virginia.

His father, who he described as a violent alcoholic, killed himself when McAfee was aged just 15.

As a young man he developed a love of drugs, and in particular, LSD.

According to Wired, he would drop acid in the morning before going to work for the day.

On another occasion, he experimented with a psychedelic called DMT. He ended up snorting the entire bag of the substance.

"Within an hour my mind was shattered", he said, adding that he went to work but couldn't concentrate and wound up hiding behind a garbage can hearing voices.

During this time, around 1983, he was snorting lines of cocaine at work daily as well as selling it to his subordinates at the engineering firm he worked for.

He was also popping barbiturate-like quaaludes and drinking scotch throughout the afternoon.

Eventually he sobered up, and by the mid 1980s had landed a job as a software engineer for Lockheed.

What other conspiracy theories did John McAfee have?

In the months leading up to his death, McAfee, who constantly said he was "on the run," made sensational claims in a series of bizarre Twitter posts.

The tech guru was charged with tax evasion last year.

He alleged he had dirt on “those in power” and threatened to finally expose “the truth” if he was jailed or died.

McAfee, who had a record of making mischievous and false statements on social media, appeared to suggest his life was in danger.

He also claimed he had set up a “deadman switch” to spill untold dirt on unnamed people if he were to die or disappear mysteriously.

In an initial cryptic tweet, he wrote: “People ask why I do the things I do.

“An act by itself is incomplete. It's the reason for the act that completes it and provides the real information. I am [on] the run.

“I would be an idiot to explain my 'why's'.”

He then added: “I neither fear death nor run from it. At my age it sits on my shoulder as a constant companion. It makes me fearless.”

And back in 2019 the Sun wrote about McAfee's arrest with his crew after he docked his yacht, the Great Mystery, in Puerto Plata, on the Dominican Republic's northern coast.

His detention prompted ominous warnings, posted by a pal on his Twitter account.

At the time cops in Belize were seeking him in connection with the slaying of an American neighbor, Gregory Faull, 52, in 2012.

And the tech guru was on the run from US tax authorities, who had indicted him for tax evasion.

McAfee had told news agency Reuters that he did not pay income tax for eight years for ideological reasons.

His Twitter account warned during his detention in Puerto Plata: "If John misses his next check-in, events will be set into motion that I cannot prevent once they have begun.

"John has secreted data with individuals across the world.

"I know neither their identities or locations. They will release their payloads if John goes missing."

In 2021, John McAfee's wife had warned that authorities were "determined" he would die in prison in a chilling Father's Day message just days before his reported suicide in a Spanish prison.

Janice McAfee, a former prostitute, told her husband that he was "loved and appreciated" as she claimed that his "honesty got him in trouble with corrupt governments" in a Twitter post on June 20.

The pair met after cartel bosses used her to spy on him, McAfee claimed in an interview with The Sun after his arrest.

"I know John is an extremely polarizing individual. Believe me, I know this better than most!" Janice wrote in the lengthy note.

His wife added that he was struggling "both mentally and physically, as well as financially" after eight months in prison.

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