Who was teacher Gwen Mayor who was killed in the Dunblane massacre?

BRITAIN changed the day that evil Thomas Hamilton stormed into a Scottish primary school in 1993 and massacred 16 children.

Their brave teacher Gwen Mayor tried to protect her young class from the stream of bullets, but was sadly also killed in the attack.

Who was teacher Gwen Mayor?

Gwen was 45-year-old Scottish primary school teacher.

She was the mother to two daughters – Esther and Debbie – and the wife of Rodney Mayor.

They lived a happy life in the sleepy town of Dunblane

She taught Primary 1 at Dunblane Primary School in 1996 and had 28 pupils in her class.

What happened to her?

Gwen was getting her class ready for a PE lesson when local man Thomas Hamilton stormed the gymnasium and started shooting at the young pupils.

Whilst trying to protect her students she was shot and killed instantly.

Speaking to Closer magazine, her daughter Debbie spoke about her mother's bravery: "The pain never fully goes. Mum died trying to protect her pupils, and I'm so proud, but words can't describe the devastation we felt.

"She was so bubbly and outgoing- I'm devastated my kids will never meet her.

"It was only when I became a mum that I truly understood what the Dunblane parents must have felt.

"It made me scared to let my own kids go to school. I just pray something like this never happens again."

When was the Dunblane massacre?

The Dunblane massacre took place at Dunblane Primary School in Scotland on March 13, 1996, at around 9.30am.

Thomas Hamilton shot sixteen pupils and Gwyn dead, and injured fifteen others, before killing himself.

It remains the deadliest mass shooting in British history.

When is Return To Dunblane With Lorraine Kelly on TV and how can I watch it?

A new one-off documentary Return To Dunblane presented by Lorraine Kelly marks the 25th anniversary of the tragedy.

Lorraine, who reported on the events for GMTV nearly a quarter of a century ago, forging enduring bonds with people in Dunblane, revisits the town to talk to survivors and families of the victims in a film highlighting the spirit and resilience of their community.

She meets people who were compelled to push to change laws on gun ownership, to make sure it never happens again.

The presenter also explores how the residents of Dunblane have helped families of victims in American school shootings, such as Sandy Hook, providing support and inspiration in their quest to change US gun laws.

You can watch it on ITV on TONIGHT (March 11, 2021), on ITV at 9pm.


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