Kardashian Makeup Artist Reveals Product That Hides Cellulite & Stretch Marks Instantly

The scorching hot temps this summer mean you’re probably wearing less and showing more. Kardashian makeup artist Hrush Achemyan is spilling her go-to product for a flawless look, EXCLUSIVELY to HollywoodLife.

We spoke with celebrity makeup artist Hrush Achemyan EXCLUSIVELY and she raved about Kim Kardashian West’s new body makeup line. “Wow, okay, her body makeup — girl — it is so good,” she gushed. “It hides cellulite, it hides stretch marks, anything and everything, it hides. If I could, I would bath in it daily, but you know! We gotta be sparse and we can’t use it every single day!” The line consists of Skin Perfecting Body Foundation, Skin Perfection Body Shimmer, and a Body Brush To Apply. She also has Loose Shimmer Powders you can wear on both your face and body.

We spoke to Hrush one-on-one at the launch of her Siwear Sunglasses line and 32nd birthday party in Los Angeles on July 19. She’s worked with the Kardashian and Jenner women for years, and has also done makeup for Christina Aguilera, Shay Mitchell, and Sarah Hyland, among others. She told us what she loves most about Kim and Kylie Jenner’s beauty lines. “Kim, I die for her body makeup. It is insanely good. Kylie — her lips are good, her shadows, I mean, honestly, everything.”

@kimkardashian wears the brand new #KKWBEAUTY Body Makeup in Medium, Body Shimmer in Gold and Loose Shimmer Powder in Gold. Launching on 06.21.19 at 12PM PST on KKWBEAUTY.COM #KKWBEAUTY Photo by Vanessa Beecroft

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Hrush also spoke about Dos and Don’ts with makeup. “I’m a strong believer in, if you’re confident in something, do it all the way. If something makes you feel good, I’m not big on judgment. So, whatever makes you feel cute, whatever makes you like if you walk into a room and you’re conquering it, then do it girl!”

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