James Cameron Congratulates 'Avengers: Endgame' For Beating the 'Avatar' Box Office Record

There’s a new box office champ in town: Avengers: Endgame finally surpassed previous all-time record holder Avatar to become the highest-grossing movie of all time. To show that he’s not mad about that, Avatar director James Cameron slapped together a very quick little word of congratulations for the folks at Marvel. Of course, the real winner here is Disney, since they own both of these properties, as well as everything else.

Marvel had been pushing for Avengers: Endgame to become the biggest blockbuster of all time from the get-go. When it didn’t happen during the film’s initial release, they went ahead and put the film back in theaters with bonus material. And that did the trick. During San Diego Comic-Con over the weekend, it was announced Endgame would become the new box office king, surpassing Avatar. And that’s where the poster above comes in.

There’s a bit of needless backslapping going on here: Disney owns both of these movies, so there’s no real “winner” here. Still, Cameron didn’t have to bother with something like this, but he did anyway (assuming he had any actual input). The box office congratulations ad is nothing new and was made particularly famous when Steven Spielberg took out an add to congratulate his BFF George Lucas when Star Wars eventually beat Jaws.

Cameron previously released one of these before as well, back when Endgame pulled ahead of another of his huge blockbusters – Titanic.

Marvel can rest easy for now. But sooner or later, those Avatar sequels are going to hit theaters, and then this cycle can start all over again.

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