Mum says dodgy fillers packed with pus were more painful than childbirth

Lindsay Collins decided to have lip fillers done in September last year as a birthday treat.

She couldn’t have predicted how badly they would go.

Lindsay, a mum-of-four, spent £240 on fillers injected by an unlicensed beautician at her home. She’d bought herself the gift as a Botox and filler package deal, and trusted the practitioner would do a good job thanks to a friend’s recommendation.

Lindsay’s top lip immediately had a blue tinge, but it was dismissed as bruising.

In the space of a few days, her top lip had swollen to three times its usual size.

Lindsay told Fabulous Digital: ‘My lip was swollen like it was about to burst, it felt like it was about to explode.

“It felt like somebody pouring a boiling kettle of water over my top lip and gum.

‘I’ve given birth four times and I would rather do it again than feel that pain.’

The mum was unable to talk, eat, or sleep thanks to the pain of her fillers gone wrong, and even struggled to drink water through a straw. She refused to leave the house for a month.

Lindsay went back to the beautician for help, and was initially told that her swollen lips were simply down to bruising. A few days later, when her lips were filled with pus, she was urged to go to A&E.

She was prescribed a seven day course of antibiotics, followed by another week, and was told that the beautician had injected the filler into an artery. The fillers could have left Lindsay blind.

Lindsay has since had the fillers removed from her lips by a registered nurse, but she’s been left with permanent scarring. The mum has also lost feeling in her lip, but has been told this may return.

The Department of Health is investigating the case. Lindsay is taking legal action against the beautician.

She wants her story to push for tighter laws on cosmetic treatments, to stop unregistered beauticians from injecting fillers.

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