Violent attack, huge betrayal and 8 more EastEnders spoilers

There are secrets in every family and some of them are about to cause huge tension as Kat Moon (Jessie Wallace) turns to the money left by Alfie (Shane Richie) only to find that it’s been stolen in EastEnders. Meanwhile, Iqra Ahmed’s (Priya Davdra) secret is about to come back and haunt her too.

But no family tension quite matches that of Callum ‘Halfway’ Highway (Tony Clay) and his brother Stuart (Ricky Champ) with their violent and bigoted dad Jonno. And when Jonno crosses paths with Ben Mitchell (Max Bowden), violence follows.

But another shock discovery awaits as Stuart realises just how close Callum and Ben are…

10 EastEnders spoilers

  • Keanu is busted when he goes out on a job for Phil.
  • Kat tells Kush that she has the money to hire him a solicitor.
  • Tiffany is worried when she realises how besotted Bernie is with Sophia.
  • Callum invites his dad Jonno to the wedding but tensions rise.
  • Kat is horrified to discover the money has been stolen.
  • Walford hosts its first Pride event, with Tina offering advice to Bernie.
  • Ben and Jonno come to blows in the Vic and Ben can’t resist goading things further.
  • Adam discovers that Iqra has a secret he can use to his advantage.
  • Tiffany reaches out to Bobby and offers him some advice.
  • Stuart is floored when he sees Ben kiss Callum.

Monday 1st July

Ben stirs up trouble between Keanu and Louise which leads to Keanu worrying that he can’t afford to support Louise and the baby. As a result, he asks Phil to give him another job but things end up going wrong.

Whitney and Stuart persuade Callum to get in touch with his dad Johnno while Tina seeks Whitney’s help for the Pride celebrations. Bernie obsesses over Sophia while after giving Bobby some advice, Tiffany makes amends with Keegan.

Stacey is horrified to receive a letter from Kush’s solicitor and after Jean’s attempts to calm the conflict down result in her taking ill, Stacey reveals she is going to get a solicitor too – but Kat tells a worried Kush that she can sort out the costs.

Tuesday 2nd July

Jonno charms Whitney as he arrives in Walford and Callum invites him to the wedding. But things soon turn sour when Jonno questions Callum’s career choices and then ends up on the wrong side of Ben and Phil.

Gray and Mick help a flustered Tina at the Prince Albert and the pair bond as Mick opens up about Ollie potentially having autism. Kush breaks down as he fears he is doing the wrong thing but Kat offers to fund his legal battle, only to find that the money has gone.

Max tries to offer Robbie advice over Sami.

Thursday 4th July

Tiffany realises how besotted Bernie is with Sophia and when she is then caught sending a message as her alter ego, Bernie is left devastated. At the Taylors’, Bernie and Keegan are unimpressed as Tiffany tries to make things right.

Kat confronts Mo and Stacey about the missing money but then suspects that Martin might be behind it. Stuart is hurt when he is rebuffed by an uncomfortable Callum and later, Ben antagonises Jonno leading to a fight. Later, Stuart clocks Ben kissing Callum on the cheek.

Habiba gives in when Mariam tells her that Adam has helped her to find a suitable husband for her.

Friday 5th July

Kat calls a meeting about the stolen money and as accusations fly, things get more and more tense – especially when Stacey learns what Kat planned to use the money for. Later, things escalate when Kat searches Stacey’s room.

The Pride event gets underway and after supportive words from Tina, Bernie throws herself into the celebrations. Meanwhile, Callum is roped into helping at the Prince Albert and Stuart confronts him over his moment with Ben.

Iqra warns Adam not to hurt Habiba but he soon learns her secret.

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