What You Need To Know About Soft Sculpting

While many of us have tried the miracle of contouring for super-glam makeup looks, daytime beauty is a bit more complicated. Of course you still want to look snatched on the daily, but you might not want to pull out your whole drawer of contour palettes and brush sets. That’s where soft sculpting comes in: a Kardashian-approved technique that brings contouring’s effectiveness with a delicate, natural vibe (via Vogue). Think a gorgeous summer glow that looks great for brunch or a trip to the grocery store — a makeup look you’ll never want to take off. Here’s everything you need to know.

Kim Kardashian’s makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic (peep his superstar IG account @makeupbymario) coined the term “soft sculpting,” and it’s already taking flight in the beauty world. Known as the “king of contour” and responsible for baking the Kardashians’ faces to perfection, Dedivanovic is ready to move on — opting for more fresh-faced looks than he’s known for. The makeup artist explained to Vogue that, “The contouring trend started to shift when people began to realize that social-media makeup is not the same as everyday makeup,” separating glamazon Instagram looks from day-to-day applications. Now that, “We’re seeing this softer approach on social media from the younger generation,” a.k.a. Gen Z, it’s no wonder soft sculpting is gaining traction.

This new technique is all about creating “a sculpted look with a lot less makeup,” relying on much fewer tools. Best part? Recreating it is a lot easier than you may think.

Everything to know about Kardashian-approved soft sculpting

As makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic told Vogue, this beauty technique is all about looking “more natural and less intimidating” with a “refreshing” appearance. So how to get it? Whether you use your own makeup, or opt for Dedivanovic’s signature SoftSculpt line, you should only use four to five products total. Plus, the whole look should only take you about five minutes (via Byrdie). Yeah, we’re sold!

As per Byrdie, soft sculpting is all about creating “a subtle glow suited for daily life,” and “embraces usability and imperfection” — so don’t stress about getting it perfect the first time around. This “easy to execute contour” is intuitive, especially with the right products. Dedivanovic explained to Vogue that you should start the soft sculpting process by applying bronzer “slightly above the hollows of the cheeks,” which will look more natural, especially if using a stick formula. Another unexpected tip? Use a darker foundation as a contour product, which “mimics real skin and looks more natural.”

Once you’re perfectly snatched, it’s time for a glow from within. Go for a creamy, sheer blush that will “make the skin appear more healthy and natural” (via Vogue). This will create a beautifully dewy finish, especially when applied to the apples of the cheeks, blending upwards. For highlighter, liquid is best, and it should be applied to “the brow bone, inner eye, above the cheekbone, bridge of the nose, and above the lips.” And voila! The perfect soft-sculpted look.

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