20 Tweets About ‘The King’ Teaser Trailer That Will Get You Royally Pumped For It

All hail King Chalamet! The trailer for Netflix’s The King is here, and it’s taking the internet by storm thanks to Timothée Chalamet (and his bowl cut). The movie offers an updated take on Shakespeare’s historical plays Henry IV, Part 1; Henry IV, Part 2; and Henry V, but the trailer mostly focuses on Chalamet as the titular royal figure. Chalamet is without question the star of the trailer and the movie, but Robert Pattinson and his striking hairstyle also caught fans eyes.. No matter who you’re most excited to see, these tweets about The King trailer make it clear that fans can’t stop watching it.

If watching a movie based on Shakespeare sounds like homework to you, don’t worry. The filmmakers have made sure that The King is fit for a modern audience. Director David Michôd and star Joel Edgerton co-wrote the script, and they wanted to make sure that it would be fun and engaging to watch. Edgerton told IndieWire:

It looks like the filmmakers won’t have to worry about audiences wanting to see the movie, though. The trailer – which also includes appearances from stars Ben Mendelsohn, Sean Harris, and Lily-Rose Depp – is already super popular with fans on Twitter.

People are especially excited to bow down to Chalamet in all his royal glory. After roles in films like Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird, Chalamet has already cemented his place as both a talented actor and a hearthrob. The 23-year-old American actor does a British accent for the role in The King, and his fans are loving it.

Chalamet is the everyone on the internet’s favorite imaginary boyfriend right now. But before there was Chalamet, there was Pattinson, who starred in the iconic Twilight series. He shows up in The King trailer as the villain, but Twitter is absolutely loving seeing him and Chalamet in the same movie.

Fans are also a little bit obsessed with Pattinson’s new look for The King. His hair is short and blond, he’s wearing a suit of armor, and he’s apparently making everyone thirsty.

Luckily, fans won’t have to wait too long to see more of both Chalamet and Pattinson serving up Shakespeare. The King will premiere in select theaters on Oct. 11 and it’ll stream on Netflix on Nov. 1. It’ll be just in time for fans’ love for Chalamet and Pattinson to keep them warm this fall.

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