Beyonce Says Daughter Bluy Ivy Carter is a ‘Cultural Icon’ in Legal Battle Over Trademark

Beyonce isn’t holding back in her legal battle.

The 38-year-old entertainer is firing back at wedding planner Wendy Morales over her trademark battle for “Blue Ivy,” in new court documents obtained by The Blast.

Beyonce and Wendy have been battling for years as Beyonce tries to trademark her 7-year-old daughter’s name, but Wendy is trying to block the case because she has a wedding planning business called “Blue Ivy.”

In the newly filed documents, Beyonce called daughter Blue Ivy a “cultural icon” as she argued her case for being granted the trademark.

Beyonce also said “that consumers are likely to be confused between a boutique wedding event planning business and Blue Ivy Carter, the daughter of two of the most famous performers in the world, is frivolous and should be refused in its entirety.” She also pointed out her trademark application is for “Blue Ivy Carter” NOT “Blue Ivy.”

She added, “the presence of the word ‘CARTER’ ties the commercial impression of BGK’s Mark to the celebrity Blue Ivy Carter rather than Opposer’s regional event planning business” before adding that Wendy runs a “small business, with just three regional offices and a handful of employees,” with weak online presence and poorly subscribed social media accounts.

Beyonce and Wendy are scheduled to head to trial in this case.

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