Bristol Palin Will Rely on “Hope and Faith” in Wake of Parents' Divorce

Several years ago, during her run for Vice President of the United States, Sarah Palin mocked Barack Obama for a platform based on “hope and change.”

Now, well over a decade later, however, the unintelligent former politican’s daughter says she is gonna rely on hope in the wake of a major life change:

The divorce of her parents.

On Monday afternoon, Sarah and Todd Palin announced they were splitting after 31 years of marriage.

In documents filed in Anchorage Superior Court late last week, Sarah cited “incompatibility of temperament between the parties such that they find it impossible to live together as husband and wife” as the cause of the split.

In other words:

These two are totally sick of being married to each other!

We’ll refrain from making any jokes here about how it took Todd so long to arrive at such a conclusion.

Sarah, of course, rose to national prominence after she was selected by John McCain to serve as his running mate in the 2008 presidential election.

The pair lost to Barack Obama and Joe Biden and then Palin resigned as governor of Alaska after just three years in office, in order to focus on a career in media.

She served as a Fox News correspondent for awhile and now… just Tweets sometimes, we guess.

But daughter Bristol appeared on Dancing with the Stars and also anchored her own short-lived reality show and then actually joined Teen Mom OG last year.

We still can’t believe that happened.

On Monday morning, meanwhile, Bristol shared on her Instagram Story a sermon from a Texas pastor called “Abounding in Hope,” a reference to a line in the Bible.

It’s extremely safe to assume she did so because she knew that news of her parents’ break-up would soon go viral.

“When hope is present, people are encouraged to lay hold of what heaven has for them,” Christian Life Austin Pastor Rex Johnson says in the sermon, from March.

“Some have referred to hope as the ‘middle sister’ of faith and love,” he also says in it. “I like that.”

Sarah and Todd Palin met as high school students in Wasilla, Alaska and eloped in 1988.

They five children together, including Bristol — and Todd is seeking joint custody of 11-year old Trig, the only kid who still lives at home.

Bristol, for her part, was also once married.

She divorced Dakota Meyer in 2018, however, with nearly every moment Bristol spent on screen as a Teen Mom devoted to problems between the then-couple.

Palin quit the MTV show in April, jumping up high on her pedstal and stating:

“Teen mom OG wasn’t a fit for me, it took away my peace.. and honestly – my peace has a price tag that no one but God can afford…

“$ doesn’t impress me, I don’t entertain bs, and walking away from this show allows God to rebuild me (and my little fam) in the right direction.”

As for her fellow Teen Mom stars?

“I have love for all the girls on the show, and wish them the best of luck in all their future endeavors!! xoxo, B,” she concluded.

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