Camille Cosby accuses judge of racism toward husband Bill

Bill Cosby’s long-suffering wife Camille on Wednesday accused a Pennsylvania judge of trying to turn the disgraced comedian into a “brutal, black buck.”

Camille Cosby dropped the racial slur in a scathing response to Montgomery County Judge Steven O’Neill, who said Bill Cosby had a “signature” pattern of sexual assault.

“Now, after more than 50 years of work, that humanized the dehumanized; which also challenged the perpetual architects of racist, exploitive and greedy maneuvers that have enabled them to divide and conquer…my husband has been severely redefined by Judge O’Neill, despite having zero proof,” Camille Cosby wrote in a statement posted to her husband’s Instagram.

“Judge O’Neill, with a great deal of help from the media, has tried to turn Bill Cosby into one of the most insidious stereotypes of African American men…the brutal, black buck.”

In a court filing released Tuesday, O’Neill justified allowing five Cosby accusers to testify at the fallen funnyman’s sex-assault retrial.

“The defendant’s actions were so distinctive as to become a signature,” the judge wrote. “The striking similarities between the assaults alleged by each woman were not confined to insignificant details.”

Cosby has appealed — and recently accused O’Neill, who is white, of “racial hatred.”

The 81-year-old pudding pop pitchman is currently serving a three- to 10-year sentence for drugging and molesting Andrea Constand in 2004.

In his own statement on Instagram, Bill Cosby called his wife of more than 50 years “a fearless warrior against corruption and bigotry.”

“She’s not afraid of this unethical judge, nor am I afraid of O’Neill’s grossly immoral tactics. Keep fighting…Dear…I Love You Very, Very Much,” he said.

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