Chloe Moretz Hates the Way Shes Treated by Older Men in Movie Industry

The ‘Kick-Ass’ actress claims she suffered a lot of pushback from ‘older men’ in Hollywood as she talks about ‘a really wild power struggle’ in the entertainment industry.

AceShowbiz -Chloe Grace Moretz claimed she was “infantilised” by older men in the movie industry during her teens. Whenever she presented an idea, the 25-year-old actress said she was “shot down” by movie bosses.

“It was always odd from my first leading role when I was 14 in ‘Carrie‘ … it was always really interesting to see who would be really unhappy with a young woman,” shared Chloe – whose film credits include “The Equalizer” and “Carrie”.

“At that point, I had already worked for so many years, almost ten years, and as I continued through having more important roles on set as I grew up, it was always very interesting to see the pushback that I would get from a lot of people. The majority of it was older men for sure who would infantilise me. If I had real things to bring to the table, a lot of the time it would get shot down.”

Chloe also recalled being at the centre of power struggles. She told the “Reign with Josh Smith” podcast, “There were a lot of moments where it wouldn’t and I was treated equally. It was a really wild power struggle and power dynamic as a young girl who had worked for already ten, 11, 12 years, throughout my teenage years and was the lead of movies, but was still a kid in every sense of the word.”

“They might have children the same age as me and there was a really interesting rub that would happen that, I felt like I was always really fighting against trying to figure out to conduct myself in a way that I’ll be respected, so I can be respected on set and given the credit that I felt that I deserved.”

“To have a voice in the same game when I’m playing characters that are my age, I’m advocating for female characters of my exact age at the time. And having to even advocate to an older man on behalf of your 14, 15, 16 year old self is a really, really crazy kind of mind f***.”

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