Dave Grohl Recalls Panic Attack Before Nirvana Show At Reading Festival

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl recalls how scared he was during the lead-up to his first show at the Reading Festival.

Grohl first appeared at Reading Festival as a member of Nirvana in 1991. At the time, Reading Festival’s attendance was around 35,000, compared to its current capacity of 105,000.

In a recent interview, Grohl told NME that he’d first heard of the festival from Mudhoney drummer Dan Peters.

“I said, ‘Where the f*ck was that?’ He said ‘Reading Festival in England’. I said ‘What is that?’ and he told me, ‘This huge music festival where loads of bands get together and play,” Grohl said. “I just couldn’t imagine 35,000 people getting together to see bands like Mudhoney or Nirvana. It just didn’t happen in America.”

He continued, “Then when I saw that it was on our itinerary maybe a year later, I was fucking terrified. I would wake up every morning in this panic attack in a fit of anxiety, knowing that there was this festival that I was going to have to play in front of 35,000 people – which I had never done. When we got there that day, I realized how big it really was.”

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