Emmerdale’s Charley Webb and Matthew Wolfenden to exclusively introduce newborn baby in this week’s OK! magazine

Emmerdale star Charley Webb will exclusively introduce her newborn baby in this week’s OK! magazine, after giving birth last month.

The soap star and her co-star husband Matthew Wolfenden are over the moon to share the gender and name of their newborn with OK! magazine readers, with the exclusive interview available nation-wide on Tuesday.

Charley will also discuss her third pregnancy and giving birth to her newest bundle of joy.

Charley, 31, and husband Matthew, 39, are already proud parents to sons Buster, nine, and Bowie, three.

The actress announced on July 29 that she had welcomed baby number three into the world as she took to Instagram to share an adorable snap of the newborn wearing a babygro adorned with the words “Baby Wolf”.

Charley wrote alongside the photo: “BaByWoLf #3 has joined the crazy gang. We’re in a bubble of newborn’ness heaven.”

During her third pregnancy, Charley opened up on suffering from morning sickness and SPD (symphysis pubis dysfunction), a debilitating pelvic condition.

Charley revealed she was in “agony” after receiving the diagnosis, which causes stiff pelvic joints.

Admitting she thinks pregnancy is “amazing”, the actress confessed that she didn’t enjoy getting bigger because of the pain.

She exclusively told OK! magazine: “I’d be lying if I said I really enjoy the experience of getting bigger. But I appreciate what my body is doing. I think pregnancy is amazing.”

Charley added: “I still get waves of sickness but I’ve also been diagnosed with SPD [symphysis pubis dysfunction]. It’s when your muscles have relaxed too much ready for the birth. It’s agony.”

Charley also explained that she wanted to give birth in a hospital to ease her anxiety, but husband Matthew wanted a home birth, saying: “Matthew’s up for a home birth but I’d like to be in a hospital for the sake of my own anxiety, in case anything went wrong."

The actress later opened up on how her third pregnancy was different to her first two, admitting: “I feel more tired than I did during my previous pregnancies.

“I just feel so sick and shattered all the time. This pregnancy does feel like my worst one, but I’m sure I think that every time!”

Speaking openly about her battle with severe morning sickness this time round, Charley added that, while it’s not been nice, she became used to the “constant nausea.”

“I have been quite quiet at work, which has been perfect timing. I started throwing up at week six and I only just stopped. I’ve just got used to the constant nausea and nothing really helps it.

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“Everyone keeps telling me to eat ginger but I can’t stand the smell!”

Matthew later addressed Charley’s sickness as he appeared on Loose Women, admitting that her pregnancy hadn’t been plain sailing, telling the show: “It’s funny as well because Charley isn’t a big fan of being pregnant but a big fan of giving birth.”

He added: “She’s a bit odd like that. She’s not enjoyed it. This one [pregnancy] has been particularly brutal.

“She’s been ill from the get go and it’s just not relented at all. But she actually enjoys giving birth. She would say that but it’s a bit odd.”

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