Dev Patel Reflected on Hurtful Comments About His Appearance at the Start of His Career

Dev Patel’s transformation from gangly coming-of-age actor to dreamy leading man might have seemed seamless, but that wasn’t really the case for the actor himself. In a recent New York Times interview, the Green Knight star opened up about his insecurities and the lasting effects of insults he received about his appearance around the time of his acting debut in Skins in 2007. “It was quite brutal,” Dev said.

Dev recalled lurking chat rooms about the teen drama at the time and coming across hurtful remarks about himself: “There were all these lists of who’s the favorite character on the show or who was the best-looking character, and I was always the ugliest, the least attractive. No one liked Anwar. It really took a toll on me personally.” When critical and public acclaim later followed, Dev said he struggled with feeling he was worthy of it. “That kind of speaks to my natural low self-esteem,” he added.

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