Duane Allman’s ‘Layla’ Guitar Sells For Record-Breaking $1.25 Million

The gold-top guitar that late musician Duane Allman played in the hit song “Layla” was auctioned for a record-breaking $1.25 million.

The 1957 Les Paul had been on display at The Big House, the Allman Brothers Band museum in Macon, Georgia.

The collector who bought the classic guitar wishes to remain anonymous, The Macon Telegraph reported.

It was the first time that a refinished guitar sold for that much money, according to Richard Brent, director of The Big House museum.

“I don’t think anybody expected that,” Brent added. “The history of it is what sold it.”

“It will be coming back to The Big House in late November,” Brent said, referring to an agreement with the buyer to share the guitar with the museum for select purposes.

(Photo: John Gellman)

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