Emma Thompson says Cruella movie costume underwear felt like a ‘torture’ device

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Emma Thompson made a hilarious wardrobe confession as she discussed her new movie Cruella on Wednesday morning's instalment of Lorraine.

The iconic 62 year old actress admitted that it was "torture" getting into costume for Disney's brand new live-action prequel, in which she plays the Baroness von Hellman while Emma Stone takes on the titular role.

'I don't wear underwear, full stop. It's like a torture item," Emma Thompson said. "I stopped wearing it a long time ago, so it's not my scene. I don't like comfortable underwear. I find comfortable underwear uncomfortable."

"The underwear that was required to turn me into that shape can only be described as industrial," she added, as stills showing the fabulous outfits she sports in the movie were shown on screen.

While Emma took the question about her underwear in good stride, many viewers were left appalled by fashion expert Mark Heyes' enquiries.

"Why are we still asking women about their underwear in interviews? Are these really the hot topics? Emma Thompson's underwater for a kid's movie?" one social media user asked.

Another tweeted: "Who told Mark he could interview celebrities?"

A third viewer added: "Emma Thompson on Lorraine discussing underwear is a no no!"

This isn't the first time that Emma has opened up about her distaste for the Cruella costumes' undergarments.

She recently told The Sun: "My underwear was like a sort of ship's rigging. I mean, there were people hauling on ropes.

"It was a lot. So peeing was hard and involved a team of people.

"The underwear was a big old deal. Not for la Stone, obviously, because she's slender as a lily and didn't need to wear a corset-like a frigging whalebone aria."

Cruella is set to be released in UK cinemas on Friday.

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