Howard Stern cries over the way he treated Robin Williams before his death

Howard Stern isn’t the kind of man who talks too much about regrets, but he does have certain moments which he would change if he had the chance.

The 65-year-old DJ has been talking about at his controversial chat with the late Robin Williams, and the thought of his behaviour towards the iconic comedian literally moves him to tears.

Even though Howard was actually a huge fan of the actor – who tragically took his own life in 2014 – he didn’t show Robin much love during the interview on his controversial radio show back in the early 90s.

Instead shock jock Howard focused the interview on Robin’s affair with his son’s nanny because he was being driven by ratings.

‘In my mind, I knew all the answers. The audience won’t sit still for anything that’s more than 30 seconds long. All they want is to be shocked and outraged. That’s where I was at in my life,’ he explained to The Rolling Stone.

‘I also have a regret about Robin Williams that haunts me. I was so angry at the world. I love Robin Williams, and yet if he came into my studio, I had to act like I didn’t love him. I’d be, ‘F**k you.

Howard continued: ‘Rather than say to Robin Williams, “My God, you’re here,” and celebrate an amazing talent and the beauty of that guy’s career, he walks in and I start in, “Hey, you’re f**king your nanny.”

‘Bam, sledgehammer. Sock him right in the f**king head. A**hole. Me, not him. And my audience is cheering me on because who does that?’

The apologetic DJ added: ‘I was a baby. I want every listener. I want everyone focused on me. You’re not going to be funnier than me. You’re not going to come into my studio and steal the moment from me.This is who I was.

‘I could’ve expressed to him the beauty of Robin Williams. Who knows what he would have revealed? Who knows what impressions he would have broken into? It brings me to tears to imagine what that moment could have been like.’

At the time of the interview Robin had divorced his wife of 10 years Valerie Velardi after cheating on her with their son Zach’s nanny Marsha Garces. He married the mistress in 1989, one year after the divorce, while she was pregnant with their first child.

But Howard – who has taken a look back at his life for his new memoir, Howard Stern Comes Again – has admitted his conduct in the interview is made worse by the fact he truly found Robin to be an inspiration.

‘Some people in my audience would say, “Man, you don’t kiss anyone’s a**.” It ain’t about kissing anyone’s a**. It’s about “S**t, I love this guy.”,’ he told the publication.

‘I want to tell him what he did for me when I was lonely and couldn’t find a friend. If I saw him in a movie or even Mork & Mindy, he just brought some godd**n pleasure into my life, which is the whole reason I got into radio.’

Sadly, just as Howard was finally taking steps to apologise to Robin, the actor ended his own life in August 2014 while in his family home in California.

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