Jake Paul Wants To Fight Canelo Álvarez In 2024

Jake Paul says he’s looking to fight Canelo Álvarez in three years … explaining he believes he’ll be ready to box the world champ in 2024.

“I think three years from now,” Paul said, “us getting in the ring will A) be massive, and B) three years from now, my skill level will be good enough to make it a serious competition.”

Paul initially told TMZ Sports he was looking for a fight with Canelo … but in his talk with Graham Bensinger on the latest episode of “In Depth With Graham Bensinger,” he said he’s ready for it to happen in only a couple of years.

Paul says it just makes too much sense monetarily … telling Bensinger, “This year, 2021, Canelo will be the No. 1 highest paid boxer. And I will be No. 2.”

“So, what better fight than to put the No. 1 highest paid and the No. 2 highest paid against each other? Because that equals the biggest payday.”

Of course, a year ago, there appeared to be no chance of a fight happening between the two … with Canelo telling TMZ Sports he was NOT a fan of either Jake or Logan Paul in the ring.

But, when we got Canelo in September, he sang a little different tune … saying “maybe” Jake and Logan ARE good for the sport after all.

Canelo would likely rough up Jake if the two fought now — and perhaps things wouldn’t be a whole lot different in a couple of years — but the YouTube star still says he wants in on the action regardless.

“I still think it would be a massive fight,” Jake said. “I think my path is leading to that.”

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