Madonna Urges Israel-Palestine Peace In Eurovision Performance

Madonna made a call for Israel-Palestine peace during her performance at the grand finale of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Saturday night.

The European Broadcasting Union denounced her political statement. The singing competition was co-produced by the EBU.

Her dancers walked hand in hand wearing costumes with the Israeli and Palestinian flags on their backs, but organizers said it was not an approved part of the act.

Madonna played two songs during the interval – the 1989 hit “Like a Prayer” and “Future,” a new song from her upcoming 14th album.

Madonna reportedly left her fans disappointed with her poor performance of “Like a Prayer” with her “tone deaf” vocals and reliance on autotune.

Several groups had called on the music diva to skip the televised musical event, which attracted millions of viewers worldwide.

The singing competition took place despite some artists’ decision to boycott the event.

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