Martin Scorsese's Daughter Is Asking For Money On GoFundMe For Her Flooded Apartment, And Refuses To Ask Her Dad For Help

Page Six says that the Brooklyn apartment of Martin Scorsese’s 53-year-old daughter Catherine Scorsese has recently flooded. Catherine’s plan of action might have been to call up State Farm and them to make like a good neighbor and get their ass over to her place with a bucket and a sponge. However, her sisters allegedly tried to help Cathy out by getting the damages fixed through crowdfunding.

According to Page Six, a GoFundMe campaign titled “Cathy Scorsese Flood Relief” was recently launched. According to Catherine, it was started by her sisters “as something nice.” On March 24th, Catherine discovered raw sewage leaking into her duplex from her neighbor’s clogged toilet. She has relocated to a rental unit for the next four months while insurance fixes her place, but she couldn’t bring five of her eight dogs and cats, so she’s got boarding fees and a $25,000 insurance deductible on her hands.

The GoFundMe only ended up raising $6,110 before it was closed. It’s not known why it was closed or who closed it. But my guess is the campaign got Catherine as much unwanted attention as she has liquid poo soaking up the sides of her furniture. But before it was closed it, Page Six took some notes. They say people were wondering why she decided to ask the internet for a handout, rather than her rich dad. Martin Scorsese is reportedly worth $100 million, so $30,000 would be nothing.

But that’s none of Cathy’s business. When one GoFundMe user commented: “This is fucked up. She is Marty’s daughter! He’s loaded,” she allegedly replied that she’s not a “trust fund baby.” She added that her father knows about her money problems, and that she isn’t about to mooch money off her dad for her current situation. But that’s not to say she’d never ask for a handout:

“If I’m going to ask my dad for something, I’m going to ask for something like helping to fix me up with Chris Evans.”

To be honest, that might be the best use of her dad’s fame and power. I mean, if you’re going to suffer severe moisture damage, it might as well be at the hands of Captain America.


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