Meghan Markle Refuses To Move To Africa

Meghan Markle is defying the Royal Family once again by refusing to move to Africa after giving birth to her son, can exclusively report.

A source confirmed to Radar that the possibility of Meghan and Prince Harry temporarily moving to Africa is very real – but the new mom is insisting she will not go!

“Meghan wants the baby to enjoy their home they have now” an insider told Radar.

According to the source, the palace wants to ship the new parents “off right away” – and Meghan has responded, “Absolutely not!”

“Meghan is insisting they stay and is putting her foot down,” said the insider.

“She just got into their home and doesn’t want to be uprooted,” the royals source added.

Additionally, Meghan is concerned with the exposure the big move would bring to her new family of three.

“She wants to keep a lower profile,” said the source. “They’d be back in the public eye and she doesn’t want that.”

As readers know, Meghan skipped royal tradition by refusing to introduce her child to the world on the same day she delivered Archie.

Instead, Meghan and Prince Harry opted for a private reveal inside of Windsor Castle two days following his birth on May 6. Archie’s parents presented him to the world in a touching video, where the pair gushed about the newborn.

As Radar reported, Meghan and Harry’s move to Africa could last as long as two to three years. The move would allow the two to promote Britain and conduct charity work.

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