Meghan McCain May Leave ‘The View’ — Amid Reports Of Feuds, Tantrums, & Secret Backstab

The View is like the Trump White House of daytime TV:

There are tons of leaks, stories of petulant behavior, and of course an unusually high turnover rate.

Will Meghan McCain be the next to add her name to the considerable list of former cohosts??

If a new report is to be believed, she is right on the edge of quitting — and after only TWO YEARS! (For comparison, Elisabeth Hasselbeck was on the show for ten years.)

McCain has only been in her chair for two seasons, but it has been a rough time for her.

She gets into huge blowout fights on a bimonthly basis, especially with cohost Joy Behar — including some of the worst we’ve seen in the show’s history.

A friend of Meghan’s tells The Daily Beast (where Meghan used to be a weekly columnist btw) that it’s a combination of the political fights and the subsequent social media backlash leaving her “exhausted and defeated” and even “feeling like a caged animal”:

“It’s getting to the point where it’s not worth the emotional toll every week. If she doesn’t stay at The View, she will find other work.”

So what exactly is so tough for Meghan?

She openly complains about feeling persecuted, not being listened to — as if crosstalk was a personal attack rather than an occupational hazard on a show where five people are trying to speak.

Meghan also acts like she’s a lone conservative voice in the liberal Hollywood wilderness, fighting the good fight. Except usually she’s not. Many days you’ll find Ana Navarro or Abby Huntsman there as well. And strangely they seem to get their points across without getting into fights. Huh.

Obviously longtime viewers notice, and the response to Meghan’s behavior has not been kind.

That all seems bad enough — but that’s just what we’re seeing from a distance!

There have been reports for months of growing tension backstage between Meghan and, well, everyone. An inside source told last month:

“Most of the producers and the award-winning glam team on our show have been here for years. I’m talking a decade-plus! They have survived Rosie O’Donnell, Star Jones and even Barbara Walters. So for Meghan to be causing problems for them, it says a lot about her and really isn’t a reflection on them at all…

All the reports of her being ‘cold, icy and unpleasant’ are really mild compared to the truth of her personality.”

Insiders told the outlet even cool-headed Whoopi Goldberg is “at her breaking point.”


The Daily Beast reports a recent rumor Meghan went after a longtime The View makeup artist after noticing she “liked” a Twitter post highlighting one of many awkward onscreen interactions!

Several sources confirmed to the outlet Meghan TRIED TO GET THE THE WOMAN FIRED!


Instead the artist got chastised and was made to apologize.

A “close friend” of Meghan’s says Joy Behar isn’t her only enemy at the table either!

According to this insider, cohost Sunny Hostin is chill on air but quick to talk trash and pull mean girl tactics behind Meghan’s back.

The source claims:

“Knowing how close I am to Meghan, she starts talking shit about Meghan to me. She said ‘Meghan’s not doing well,’ and then she shakes her head. And she’s, like, feigning concern. ‘She doesn’t talk to anyone… She can’t handle the pressure…’ She’s condescending about her grieving for her father. ‘Meghan’s not handling this well.’”

Just a thought… could that have been sincere concern? Just sayin’.

The pal says she immediately relayed ALL of this to Meghan, which we have to imagine only made things worse.

BTW when asked for comment, Sunny’s reps responded:

“Sunny and Meghan are colleagues. Sunny says what she needs to say on The View and refuses to take part in gossip. She declines the invitation to be dragged into the mud. As a former federal prosecutor and an Emmy-winning journalist, it’s beneath her.”

She got that prosecutor shout-out in there and everything! LOLz!

The behind-the-back talking has even led some insiders to suspect SUNNY is the one who keeps leaking all the backstage dirt!

Wow, didn’t see that coming…

So will all of this really drive Meghan to leave?

She’ll certainly be able to play her victim card better than ever once she’s gone — chased off the air by close-minded liberals.

Well, DB actually spoke to The View‘s senior exec producer, Hilary Estey McLoughlin. And she is kind of somewhat hopeful Meghan will stay. She says:

“I think she does want to be there. I think she wants to be on the show. She realizes it’s a very good platform for her and we love having her there. I feel like she will come back.”

Do YOU think Meghan will leave this year??

The next season begins in September, so we suppose we’ll know soon enough.

We’ll say this. If you see a story in two weeks about Meghan getting a job sitting next to Rick Santorum on some CNN panel show… you’ll know it’s not the “wonderful new opportunity” pulling her from the table.

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