Metallica Recording Concert For Drive-In Theaters

Metallica announced that they will play their first live performance in nearly a year later this month.

“We’ll be the first rock band to be featured in the Encore Drive-In Nights series, with a full set screening August 29th at hundreds of drive-in and outdoor theaters across the United States and Canada,” Metallica said in a statement.

All the four members of the band are recording a concert that will be displayed on the big screen.

Elaborating on that experience, Metallica said, “It’s been a crazy, hectic, thrilling and exciting time at Metallica HQ as the four of us have all been in the same room making music for the first time in almost a year.”

“We’ve been rehearsing at HQ for a show that will be shot specially for the drive-ins at a location nearby later this week and then we’ll pass it off to our award winning production team to then be edited and mixed at the highest standards possible to be beamed into your cars from the big screen,” they added.

Fifth Member pre-sale starts on August 12 at 12 pm local time at The general on-sale will begin on August 14 at 12 pm local time.

“One carload of up to six people” will be admitted on every ticket purchased. Ticket holders are also eligible to download four mp3 digital versions of the upcoming release of S&M2.

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