'Miracle' Dog Thrown Off Balcony Gets Foster Home As Custody Battle Looms

The German Shepherd that survived an horrific incident of animal cruelty is getting a Christmas miracle … the pooch will spend the holiday in a loving foster home in Florida.

The dog, which Volusia County Sheriff’s officials appropriately named “Miracle,” is being cared for by a foster care individual who kindly offered up their home … according to Volusia County Animal Services director Adam Leath.

Miracle was in Animal Services custody after her owner, Allison Murphy, was arrested after police body cam video showed her throwing the dog off a second floor, motel balcony during an interaction with Sheriff’s deputies … but we’re told Animal Services didn’t want the pooch to live in a cage so they found her a temporary home.

As we reported … Miracle amazingly didn’t get injured in her fall — thus her name — and cops jumped to her rescue after she tried to run away.

Miracle got fully checked out at an animal hospital, where a vet only saw a few scrapes and bruises to her feet. She actually landed feet first. She was hospitalized overnight and is on pain meds.

Animal Services also tells us the exam turned up a sewing needle in Miracle’s left rear thigh … they don’t know how the needle got there, and it’s now part of the felony animal cruelty investigation against the owner.

While Miracle’s got a new foster parent — whom we’re told will remain anonymous because of the ongoing criminal case — whoever adopts Miracle will have to wait until the outcome of the criminal case against the owner.

We’re told Animal Services will present evidence to a judge Dec. 28 to make certain Miracle is never returned to her owner.

If Animal Services is successful, we’re told Miracle’s foster parent will have the chance to adopt her.

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