British Army soldier shouts at little girl to 'stand clear'

Given her marching orders! Moment Kings Guard shouts at little girl to ‘stand clear’ before she flees in panic and bursts into tears

  • The young girl was visiting Horse Guards in London when the soldier shouted
  • The soldier, in ceremonial dress, shouted ‘stand clear’ at the small girl
  • Se ran off crying after the incident which was filmed on a nearby camera phone
  • Social media users are divided as to whether the soldier did the right thing  

This is the moment a British Army soldier shouts at a young girl who was visiting London. 

The incident, which took place in Horse Guards was captured on camera before it was shared on TikTok where it has received more than 104,000 likes. 

The young girl was standing in front of an archway leading to a door when the soldier came through a door in his ceremonial uniform. 

The soldier, who has not been identified is a member of the Life Guards, the senior regiment of the Household Cavalry. 

The young girl is unaware the sword-wielding soldier was approaching from behind

The young girl runs off in terror as the soldier shouts ‘stand clear’ as he tries to pass

The soldier continues marching across the parade ground as the girl runs to her relatives

As the soldier steps out onto the court yard, the young girl in a pink outfit is blocking his way. Unaware of the soldier looming closer, the girl does not move until he shouts ‘stand clear’. 

The startled youngster runs clear and may even start crying following the soldier’s intervention. 

More than 5,000 people have commented on the 18-second clip, mostly expressing concern about the incident. 

Many criticised the soldier for being rude to the little girl while others suggested the girl’s parents should have kept her under better control. 

One TikTok user said: ‘People really think he’s going to be like “oh excuse me sweetheart can you move?”‘ 

Another said: ‘Some parents are so clueless. It’s unbelievable.’

A third commented: ‘Swear people come to London thinking it’s gonna be like Disney Land.’ 

Awais Tariq criticised the soldier: ‘Kings Guard: They still think it’s Game of Thrones.’  

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