Peter Andre says daughter Princess is ‘not allowed’ Instagram

Peter Andre has taken to his Instagram stories to answer questions asked by his 1.2 million followers and has said that his daughter Princess isn’t allowed Instagram.

The 46 year old Mysterious Girl singer was asked questions about his kids, including whether Princess has Instagram to which he replied: “She’s not allowed. She’ll be 13 soon and then she might. Am I too strict?”

The singer, who shares daughter Princess, 12, and son Junior, 14, with his ex-wife Katie Price , was also asked questions about his wife Emily and his son.

“Does Junior have a girlfriend x,” asked one fan, to which Peter replied humorously “he better not. He needs to concentrate on school.”

The star, who is currently rehearsing for Thriller, was also asked what his type was, to which he simply replied “Emily.”

Peter, who was married to Katie Price from 2005-2009, was questioned about his relationship with Katie and whether the pair still speak.

“Yes,” he replied, “she’s the mother of my children so will always wish nothing but the best.”

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The singer said he would “never wish for anybody to have a hard time” after Katie Price was declared bankrupt by a judge recently.

Another of his 1.2million followers asked if Peter’s ex Katie, 41, was “going to buy presents”, hinting if the former glamour model would be able to afford to buy gifts after being declared bankrupt last month.

Responding to the second question about his ex wife , the dad of four wrote: “Look I know I said ask me anything and I really wanna answer all questions but on this subject let me please just say that I am a very very happy person and I would never wish for anybody to ever have a hard time.

“I will always be respectful when it comes to this subject. She’s the mother of my children. Hope that’s ok.” [sic]

Mum of five Katie Price was declared bankrupt by Judge Jonahan Middleton in a London court on Tuesday 26 November.

The Pricey was once worth £45million, but was declared bankrupt after failing to meet the terms of an Individual Voluntary Agreement in order to manage her repayments of her debt, which was estimated to be £250,000.

After the court hearing, Katie spoke out about her financial situation in a candid YouTube video.

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Speaking in the clip which was uploaded onto her YouTube channel, she said: “I hate talking money. I have never spoken about money. Everyone seems to know what I have got but guess what no one knows but me.

“It's really unattractive to talk about how much money you've got or not got or got. So that's the answer to that. Only I know.”

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Shortly after the video was shared, Katie admitted to spending a whopping £1,000 a week on food shopping in the new trailer for her reality show, My Crazy Life.

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